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Memorable Sports Moments in History :)


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I can't really take credit for this thread...Panch is the one who told me to do it after I was reminicing about the 1999 Spurs championship.


I think, if we're being honest, that was a defining moment in my life...one of those "fuck yeah, I can do anything moments"...the joy I got from seeing the Twin Towers with Avery and Sean WIN everything...it was amazing.




I didnt think it could get any better...until 2003. David Robinson says its going to be his last year. And it was fucking amazing.



He won, on fathers day. And Coach P let the second string play the final few min of the game, so they could say they played in the final game. I...I don't even have words. It was amazing. I don't really get emotional very often...but for some reason with sports it's different.


Go Spurs Go :)

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"I'm high as a Georgia (can't understand that word" had me giggling. I loved it.


Remember this? When we beat France? And it was fucking awesome?



And this also made me tear up. I wish I could fly, and I imagine Shawn is probably the closest any human has ever come to actual flight. He had ALREADY won this...he could have just strutted down the half pipe and won. But no....he went for it. Did something no other human being has ever done before. And it was brilliant.



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