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I know, i know: that trailer didn't make me wanna see it, either - kinda looks like a few hipsters looking longingly out of windows while compaining about making video games. and that's not entirely wrong, but...well, buzz on gaming forums/sites (and really high reviews) got me to watch it, and i'm glad i did.


there's bits about design theory that're fun, but the trailer at least conveys that the bulk of the movie is about the designers of Super Meat Boy and Fez, and their plight, with Blow (Braid) in for good measure. Personally, Blow came off pretentious at certain bits (specifically the positive reviews his game got), but the Meat Boy guys seemed awesome, especially Tommy.


For me, what was bigger than that, was that going in, I disliked Phil Fish (Fez) after his comments on japanese gaming to a fellow developer, as well as his follow-up unprofessionalism on twitter about said incident. However, this flick made me do a complete 180 and I ended up kinda liking the dude, and rather empathizing with the amount of shit he took while struggling to get his game out the door recently. He's still an emotional mess, but it's a bit more endearing here in its presentation - like a reversal of what King of Kong did for Billy Mitchell.


if you love video games, it's totally worth seeing.






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