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OH SHITNIZFAAStINGO BITCHES!@!!! It's ya boize Naughty Nazzler and Big Papa RORO. Doin' fresh like only they know how, what WHAT!

I spent way too much time on this than I wanted too         but it needed to be done

See, I thought it needed more hearts and maybe a dancing hamster.


So this one started fucking up on me, undoing random things and making some changes permanent. Stoopid free software for children. Now I'm irritated with it and I'm not redoing stuff.



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And Hondo's did stay tuned. Some say that NZA and Bish never took those photos... others say that they were so shameful that the two swore not to let them see the light of day. Whatever the case may be, the idea of those pics will live forever.... in our hearts.







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