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Dude, once I'm living in town I can like come over, have a beer and share a mic. Get in real close and smell your breath. It'll be fuckin hot.


for reals though, I'm open if you guys ever want to try out a 3rd wheel. I dabbled in talk radio in my youth.

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He does it in post. We record in segments, he saves, cuts in music and sound and boom done. I don't listen to them so occasionally someone will quote something I said and I'll be like.. "what?"


It depends on our level of drunk really.


This episode: small glass of scotch pre show, bottle of wine and a screwdriver to finish off the episode with. All in all, not NEARLY as drunk that that one episode where I was rendered non functioning by the end of it (2 or 3 I think)


I think once we get the rotating 3rd chair going (To which I want you in on Logans) I'll cut the number of topics down a little so we can have more discussion/debate on things.


We do listen to music during the intermissions while we're on break. Mostly goofy 80's pop music.

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