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* Marcus Kincaid bobblehead

* "Inside the Vault" hardcover book

* Cloth map of Pandora

* Set of stickers

* Comic book download

* Steelbook case

* "Creatures of Pandora" ID chart

* Lithograph postcard set

* Field notes from Sir Hammerlock

* Numbered certificate of authenticity






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Five years have passed since the events of Borderlands, when vault hunters exposed the secrets of the Eridian Vault. A man called Handsome Jack has taken credit for the vault hunters' actions and claimed the wealth of the Vault, allowing him to take over the Hyperion Corporation and effectively gain dominion over Pandora. Promising to clean the lawless planet up, Handsome Jack embarks on a campaign to exterminate Pandora's existing colonist population and industrialize the planet. The main symbol of Handsome Jack's rule is a massive supply base built in the shape of an "H" on Pandora's moon. The base is always visible, and can deploy Hyperion forces to any point on Pandora.




Borderlands 2 begins with the player fighting to the death to win a priceless cache of loot in a gladiatorial tournament run by Handsome Jack for his personal amusement. The player succeeds and gains notoriety, but Handsome Jack sees this as a threat to his popularity with the people. At the tournament's end he denies the reward and leaves the player for dead in a tundra. The mysterious Guardian Angel from the first game then contacts the player and explains that Handsome Jack must be killed, directing the player to rescue the four original vault hunters from Hyperion's clutches to accomplish this. Although Jack's full intentions are unknown, part of his plan involves finding an ancient evil named "The Warrior" that is located somewhere on Pandora.


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5th character class DLC details


The Mechromancer is a kind of cybernetic punk-looking character with goggles, face paint and pigtails, capable of summoning a robot called Deathtrap that acts as a tank and diverts fire away from the player.

The currently unnamed character, described by Gearbox as their cutest ever, has a skill tree expressly designed to appeal to people that aren’t very good at shooters. Internally, they’re referring to the skill tree as “girlfriend mode."

An early skill available in the "girlfriend mode" skill tree is called “Close Enough.” It allows you to spray bullets in the general direction of an enemy and still hit them. Sounds perfect for Rich Walker.

To counterbalance the "girlfriend mode" tree (called Best Friends Forever in-game), lead designer John Hemingway is considering introducing another skill tree for the Mechromancer. "Right now, I'm thinking of it as a hardcore mode,” said Hemingway.

“So if you are a really expert player, and you want to do some tricky, difficult things, this is the tree for you, for just a totally different experience.

“We're not ready to talk about it, because we have no idea if it's even going to pan out. But we've got some interesting ideas there."

A third and final skill tree is also currently being designed, focusing on shields and electrical damage.

Deathtrap, the sidekick robot, also has a number of unlockable skills on the Mechromancer's tree. One sees it heading towards enemies, opening up its arms and slapping them back together. This sets off a huge explosion that knocks enemies back.

The Mechromancer is available at launch for those that pre-order the game in Europe, and will be available to buy 60 days after launch for everybody else.




Congratulations Europe. You finally got something (besides being carpet bombed to shit).

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