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Transformers The Fall of Cybertron


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After reading this article I was convinced that this game deserves its own thread:




"Interview: "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron" is Pushing Unreal Engine to its Limit"




I'm a huge transformers fan especially since my dad raises me on the comics n gen 1.

I can say they put a whole lot o work in the story since the whole Cybertron thing has never been told in its own dedicated feature. And this game is meant to make that story official.


And for any studio to use ANY unreal engine to the limit.... Damnit.. Creamed my pants again -_-;

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Well the game is totally linear unfortunately, but the action is friken awesome. It's a third person shooter that took a page outta unreal 2004 and just as intense.


Graphics are like the cartoon but you can see like scrapes and edge wear along with glossy paint and random tiny moving parts on every robot. So it sets itself well apart from the movie.


The fookin action... My god.. Is awesome. It flows into scenes and through the chapters so quickly and seamlessly that time flies.. It's been a long time since I've been that captivated by a game since ..uh I guess.. Mk9? The chapter flow is so smooth man.. Like.. Like an ice cream laxative.


Intro Ain bad either. This game is sik.


Only gripe... The FUKING transform button gets in the way when my fingers press down too hard on L3. And steering is weird as I'm steering a car as if I'm walking instead of driving like a racing game. Transforming is pretty useless as well until (I hope) you play as the deceptions. That's the part I stopped my overobsessive brain at.


It's all relative tho... I'm sure Ill get used to it. So far so good.

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The game is the prequel to the G1 series... So it explains the origins or the dinobots (you know since they appeared outta no where in the series). You only get to play as grimlock while the other guys assist or wreck shop nearby someplace else.


However you don't get to see Sludges form until the credits. I wont explain why. But the fuckin carnage of grimlock is awesome and easily the (2nd) best part of the game.



I thought megatrons chapter was fookin epic.



I'm a big fan so I thought it was worth the $60.. But the game is pretty short.. I guess when the graphics take that much space on the disk...

Thank god it wasn't beast wars... I would've totally ignored this game to begin with.

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a simple no would've been fine ice... you cut deep here today


Lol waddya mean?! I just got -1 just for expressing my opinion.


But guys.. Robots that turned into animals... It annoyed me so much.


Ok look: until nearing the climax of the gen where they made starscream an out of character lone anti hero... THAT shit was awesome.


My favs are jazz and soundwave. These guys barely existed in this series.

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But guys.. Robots that turned into animals... It annoyed me so much.




Robots that turned into animals... It annoyed me so much.



Robots that turned into animals





They transformed into beasts. Moreso, into prehistoric beasts.




Megatron's head turned into a T-Rex cannon of death!

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uh huh... and the dinobots? I agree with Baytor but thats not my issue.


All my favorites didnt get any play time. cheetahs and monkeys aren't prehistoric. But dinobots ran shop whenever they were on screen besides this series.


I mean in G1 jazz has his own commercial jump... comon dood that guy was sick mcnasty cool.



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