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Hondo's Text Karaoke "Sing" Along Game :)


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Here are the rules: I'll start by posting a few lines (or verse) of a song. Next poster keeps the song going by doing the same. Simple (remember, don't be a dick and post the whole damn song. Few lines or a verse, tops).


Here's some specific rules: No Google (or minimal). AND you have to post as if you're singing. Meaning you have to accentuate the words as they were originally sung by the artist. Also, if you don't know the exact words, post your own :)


Once the song is done, the poster that finishes starts a new song of their choosing. Ready? Here goes...


Tonighhhht I'm gonna have myselllllf a real good time / I feel ali-I-I-ive / and the wooorlllllld / it's turning inside ouuuuut YEAH! / I'm floating arooound in ecstasyyy / So don't / stop / me / nowwww / don't / stop / me / Cause I'm having a good time / HAVING A GOOD TIME!!!

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