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Nick Cage

Which is his best movie?  

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Yeah, it would be a tough choice for me, but that would be between the three bob mentioned. Best acting he did in these was definately face-off. I'm definately looking forward to his new one "Adaptation" written and directed by the folks who did being john malchovich, that one's sure to be a badass performance.

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Spongebob was never exactly good at comprehensive polls. I mean, Windtalkers was absolute crap, Gone in 60 and Con Air were only a couple notches up. He was in Fast Times for, what, 12 seconds or something? The only real competition was The Rock, and Sean Connery owned that flick.

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believe it or not (iiiiim walkin on air...sorry), he thought it was a very happy movie, something about Cage enjoying the "simple pleasures" of alcoholism and living life to the fullest.

Yeah, he liked being contrary, but i got a kick out of constantly asking if women crying in the shower whilst bleeding from the ass are "enjoying life to the fullest" as well.

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