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Batman vs. Westeros


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Let's go crazy here for a second. Let's say that someone has opened a dimensional rift in Gotham and (crap a bunch of other ideas just flooded into my brain. Gonna go with my initial post) Batman gets sucked through and ends up in the Game of Thrones universe. The portal drops him at the Wall, his first destination. He's equipped with his Batsuit and his utility belt. That's "it".



You want more? Well I can't say anymore cause I dunno what would happen. Well At first I do. I'm sure the Night's Watch isn't gonna just let this weirdo in black walk away. They're gonna try and at least keep him there to figure out who he is. So Batman is gonna have to kick the shit out of these people. he breaks at least one bone in each of there bodies, ending with Jon Snow, who looks up and asks "who are you?"



exactly like that.


Now, let your imagination run wild. You're welcome Hondo's

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