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Ask a black guy.

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why you tryin to shine on Oprahs? you come at the queen, iceman, you best not miss.




Oprah ignores a lot. Cuz she doesn't agree w a lot like rappers. She won't associate w the negativity. But she started reebok. Therefore she should be the pres of the united states o_O .



Any tips on how to "ghetto rig" a satellite dish to work? And not have them call back after 5 hours? I've tried whitetrashrepairs.com but to no avail.Thanks!


You gotta fake a repair call. Request for mookie Jenkins specifically. Hell put thru the fake papers for u. Cox is easy but satellite is hard. Rogue signals r tricky so u gotta get legit service w bogus papers. But I'm talkin about givin your dog his shots aight homie?


also can i bum a loosey? and lemme hold five dollars too


I'm on my 2 luckies. N they're wine flavored phillies. N you can't be bummin 5$ unless you pay back the last 5 man.. I ain no munny sto...

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