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For Newtype:


North American publisher <cite class="e company">Vertical</cite> announced at its Otakon panel on Sunday that it licensed <cite class="e person">Yoshikazu Yasuhiko</cite>'s <cite><cite class="e anime">Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin</cite></cite> manga, Mitsuhisa Kuji's <cite>Wolfsmund</cite> manga, and <cite class="e person">Hiroki Azuma</cite>'s <cite>General Will 2.0: Rousseau, Freud, and Google</cite> philosophy book.<cite><cite class="e anime">Gundam: The Origin</cite></cite> is a 23-volume re-imagining of <cite class="e person">Yoshiyuki Tomino</cite> and <cite class="e company">Sunrise</cite>'s first <cite class="e anime">Mobile Suit Gundam</cite> anime project by the anime's character designer. Yasuhiko takes the One Year War that launched this influential "real robot" story and offers his own interpretation with tweaked <cite class="e lexicon">mecha</cite> designs, extended subplots, and reworked story elements.The manga launched in the inaugural issue of <cite class="e company">Kadokawa Shoten</cite>'s <cite>Monthly <cite class="e anime">Gundam Ace</cite></cite> magazine in 2001, and it ended a decade later with an announcement of a new anime project. <cite class="e company">Viz Media</cite> published part of the manga in North America before, but it stopped about a quarter of the way into the series. <cite class="e company">Vertical</cite> will publish the series in hardcover, similar to the ongoing Keepsake Edition (Aizō-ban) reissue that <cite class="e company">Kadokawa Shoten</cite> is publishing in Japan.



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