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Cold Brewing Coffee


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Last night I decided to try cold brewing coffee after watching a Food Network show and then reading about it online.


According to what I read, cold brewed coffee has 70% less acid than hot brewed coffee and also has a slightly different flavor profile. I tried it out and it was really quite tasty. You can definitely tell the difference in the acidity.


Here is the recipe I used:


32 ounces of filtered water

3/4 cup of coffee grounds

Large jar


Stick your ingredients in the jar, mix them, and let them stand for 12-18 hours. Filter the mixture using paper coffee filters or a metal sieve.


I sweetened the beverage with a simple syrup that I made by heating up a few tables spoons of water and two teaspoons of sugar.


I decided to filter the coffee with paper filters since paper captures the chemical cafestol. Cafestol leads to elevated cholesterol levels according to studies. French presses and metal sieves don't get rid of it and that is why cafestol is present in high amounts in espresso, but not drip coffee.


Has anyone else here tried cold brewed coffee? If so, what did you think?

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I mentioned that I wasn't a coffee-drinker to someone yesterday, and he mentioned this to me. May have to try it someday.


I drink mostly black tea and my biggest problem with coffee in the past has been the acidity. This was a refreshing change. I think if you made the cold brewed coffee into an iced mocha you might like it.

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