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Brock Samson vs Black Dynamite



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My Damies, watching an adult swim commercial, for once blew my mind. This is essentially Chuck Norris (the human chuck norris) Vs Jim Kelly.


Except, these 2 are ex military mercenaries who will not hesitate to murder a school of children if they thought it would save the world. I was about to side w Brock until i realized Black Dynamite is ex CIA. I mean, they're even pretty much equal in pimpin da hunny dips.


Someone please tell me: who wins this fight?!






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buncha racists up in hurr

I just remembered that a ninja (although hilarious as fuk) hung out with Black dynamite while he questioned joe jackson. If that were brock, that "ninja" woulda been dead.

that was the Head Ninja In Charge, dude. he provided intel, and stories.

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And the arena in which they compete is clearly pimping with kung-fu.


Lol ..


Pimp just means "get ass on command" and Kung fu is the southerrrn mans way of sayin martial arts ...tho I'm not from the south. See what I did there?


Brock is a judo master as black dynamite is a king fu master however they're both deadly at both striking AND grappling.


Don't be so literal.. GOSH!!




Also, The choices do not go along with the spirit of the poll question.


Would it have been better had I simply said "who wins?"



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IceMan- Actually, I'm arguing that the choices do not go along with the spirit of the poll question (as interpreted by Maldron). The "who would win" translation works much better.

Nick- You're quite animated, and your bigotry does irk. It's all good, though; you're our lovable jerk. :2T:

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