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Brock Samson vs Black Dynamite


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go ahead. bring your kung fu to a 'license to kill' fight. watch your kung fu ass get run over by a muthafuckin' dodge charger. all of the 'henchmen' know martial arts. doesn't do shit for a guy who's had a hard on and no release for over 3 years. in other words, unless you've got tits and a skin tight suit and can catch a knife between your teeth...brocks gonna make you his bitch.

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doesn't do shit for a guy who's had a hard on and no release for over 3 years.


This is an important factor that I had forgotten about. Brock's knuckles are white with inner tension. Black Dynamite releases his tension, and his potential power reserves, practically every hour on the hour.


That's it. I'm voting now.

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if not busting like a chump for several years made you powerful, batman could actually win some of the fights around here

that's about the worst reason to bet on someone in a fight ive ever seen

Don't pretend you didn't see that episode of Seinfeld.

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To black dynamites defense he has a 6way n able to do push ups with no hands, jump rope while holding a phone to his ear in one had and scratch his balls with the other n beat the shit outta his ninja soar partners from.. Uh .. Asia.


Brock Samson still gets his but on a one on one basis solely because he's emo. So this should prove that black dynamite has a bottomless pit of endurance?


However it is clear Brock has a lot less sense for mercy than anyone on earth.


Plus he beat up Elvis with his own fist.. Didn't the king know karate?

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