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Pablo Francisco


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I remember when he made it into like the semi-finals to get on Last Comic Standing and gave the best damn performance of the night and didn't get in. Was fucking bullshit because Ant ended up getting on the show that season. Ant is the butt of every gay joke a midwesterner has ever told, he is the antithesis of funny.

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Yeah but some of them usually do at least make it into the fucking house. Rich Vos, Dave Mordall, Ralphie May, Jay London, Edward Norton. And John Heffron was the obvious choice to win for season 2 (though I still carry a torch for Todd Glass, I love that crazy bastard.)

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Dat Phan is like old internet memes, he starts out funny then it becomes painfully unfunny and then flips around and becomes funny again. I don't much care for him, but I see the appeal.


Is the Pablo Francisco performance on Last Comic Standing out there? I'd like to see it.


I can't find it on youtube, I guess you'll just have to download season 2 he was on I think 2 or 3 episodes before they select the people who are going to be living together.

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