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bishop & I have talked for years about how someone needs to do a thorough Sega history book: from dominating in the west to closing the doors less than a decade later while selling record #'s of their finest system. between him & GAF, ive learned so much of the convoluted history (crazy financing & backers, amazingly horrible communication between east & west depts, etc), i think we're far enough from it now that it'd make a truly interesting "fall of an empire" story.


don't for a second think there's not thesis being done on sony & the PS3's launch as well here either. indusry window stuff like that fascinates me - i follow every post Vic Ireland makes @ GAF because hearing how Working Designs operated/was treated in the pre-FF VII PSX days is equally excrutiating.

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Speaking of History books-


Hyrule Historia comes to America- Fucks up 50 Shades of Grey


Once again, the awesome power of video games has made the world a better place. This time, it has knocked the latest literary sensation down a peg or two.

The pre-orders for a new hardcover book published by Dark Horse Books and Nintendo called "The Legend of Zelda; Hyrule Historia" tore up Amazon's best seller chart shortly after it hit the website. It did so well that it knocked E.L. James' "Fifty Shades of Grey" off the number one spot.

The new Legend of Zelda book will chronicle the entire history of the franchise with original artwork, an introduction by Shigeru Miyamoto and a new comic by Akira Himekawa. It is scheduled to be released on Jan. 29, 2013.

You can pre-order the book in the meantime. Not only will you get an awesome sounding book that chronicles one of the greatest franchises in video game history, but you'll also be doing the world a big favor by giving "50 Shades of Grey" a swift kick in the pocketbook.


And linking to this post for the Final Fantasy Retrospective. Great videos in there.

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That makes my face sad. I might actually cry on this weeks podcast.


In related news I LOVE getting drunk and talking about the history of video games. I'm sure I've kicked out entire school grades of knowledge to put video game history in there.


...suck it public (and magnet) education system.

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bindy - oh god i love doing that too


axel - i love retromags, ive contributed a few scans i found elsewhere up there. and yeah, the nintendo power thing breaks my heart...i used to have the complete run up to the early 2000's, lost it in a hurricane. :???:


i was paying off a lot've debt the last few years, told myself id support print (and gaming proper) when i was caught up - but lo and behold, when i met my goal this year, EGM, gamepro etc were dead. I sub'd to NP and have 3-4 issues and its surprising how much content they could put out for how little NOA gives them to work with; it's really good and im fucking bummed to hear it's coming to an end, even with the tweet about the grand finale (does anyone else really really wanna see either NSMB2 or the WU one done in claymation for the last cover, just to come full circle?).


now all that's gonna be left is fucking Game Informer. no one fucking cares about fucking Game Informer.

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i know you're right, but...gotta wonder how the staff feels, knowing that 90% of your clientele isn't even reading shit by the toilet unless you break an exclusive in this day & age on the cover.


it was very telling when i came back from europe with a stack of excellent retro gamer & EDGE magazines, and got an issue of game informer with 3 fucking articles on gears of war 3. yeah, i really need more insight on that title, guys.

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im so jelly. ive heard B&N carries retro gamer here, but i never see em stocked.

subbing would cost $120+ annually, and i aint ballin like that so i just keep scans right now, but im dying to buy the collections. theyre like $40+ on ebay these days. sucks.

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B&N does carry them, I'm pretty sure they just sell out quick. I don't know if you guys have one there but back in H-town when I was living there they had a specialty magazine store. Carried just about everything. I'd go there to get everything from Front magazine to Fangoria.

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early looks at console warrior cycles:


SNES vs Genesis




Personally, I think the Nintendo is a piece of right wing garbage akin to the

IBM PC. Slow, out of date, but heavily marketed so that mindless dweenies will

think it's the hottest thing since Zelda had her first period. I have yet TO


OLD ATARI 800 SEVEN YEARS AGO.....Yes, there are some nice games, but they do

not do anything extraordinary and in fact clearly show the glaring limitations

of the thing's inferior pre-VLSI hardware.


you change around a few words, its a gamefaqs post about the WU.

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