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oh wow, ASC dug deep for that AC/DC one

this is why i dont make polls no more, you always get some inane vote request no matter how many options you make

I have the same reluctance, but when I thought of this poll, I liked the idea of how many cool Bruce's there are, real and fictional. I knew I was going to get typical bullshit. "Um, I have a genital wart I named Bruce, can you edit the poll to include my cock pimple?"


The AC/DC thing is bullshit anyway. It's not like Thrash Metal or Death Metal or Speed Metal are the only kinds of metal there are. I know AC/DC isn't any of those subgenres, but it's still Heavy Metal, and I actually like AC/DC better than any of those other bands. People here are just trolling asking for Bruces that they know damned well are better than Bruce Campbell or Bruce Lee or Bruce Willis or Lenny Bruce or Bruce Springsteen or fucking Batman.

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Utter bollocks.

What the actual fuck? You're serious here? You think that a mediocre movie character, the lead singer of a terrible band and a random Olympian that fathered a fucking Kardashian belong on this more than the characters of one of the most famous sketches, by the most famous, greatest and most influential sketch comedy group of all time? Do you honestly think I'm trolling here?

P.s. AC/DC are not a metal band, they are a shit rock band. Also Bruce Campbell is fine.*


*Opinion of Bruce Campbell altered to acknowledge my allies.

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