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Pretty much everything NZA said, it's like he's linked to me somehow. KI and MK were sub-par fighters that lacked a lot of depth and precision that your Street Fighters had.


Now, before you go freaking the fuck out on me... are they FUN games. Sure. Well MK was for me anyway. My problem with the KI system is the auto combos. You hit 3 buttons and do like A MILLION HITS. It's like the fighting game you give to your kid brother to get him into fighters when he's got the downs. Which ALSO makes KI hella fun for when you're drunk with your friends.


...that soundtrack though. I love it.

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goddamned sf fanboys are always gonna hate the best because Ryu never dropped a Chevy Bel aire on anyone's dome.


the community has been begging for a faithful remake of Ki since Ms started snatching up rare ip's. I fucking need it to be remade because I have no working SNES pads. ultras were still a bitch to pull off, best I could manage reliably was about 14 hits with my boy Sabrewulf. noone counts cinder's cheap arse.

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Killer Instinct has a low learning curve, but that's deceptive and also one of its good qualities. While I enjoy Street Fighter and Tekken (the hardest fighting game to master this side of Virtua Fighter) I always appreciate games like Soul Calibur and Killer Instinct which allow you to have enough of an edge to still succeed until you get properly good instead of just get your ass beaten to a pulp until you don't.


It's often compared to Mortal Kombat but other than the fatalities it's really nothing like it. And Glacius is the greatest character in a fighting game ever. This is not opinion, it is simple fact.

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Tekken (the hardest fighting game to master this side of Virtua Fighter)


Amen to that. Tekken doesn't often get as much cred as it deserves. Learning a character in Tekken, I mean really learning a charater, is a friggin' committment. Your causal player can really only commit to running two or three at most. That's my ONE grip with TTT2. So many characters, I look at the roster and think 'dammit, I really want to learn X but I just cant commit!'

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Primal rage has to be the most u ique fighting game when it comes to mechanics and controls. But it was simply an MK with dinosaurs. C'mon...a friken monkey that shot ice? T_T


Anywho one can argue MK had a ton of depth. If you compare MK1 w SF2.. Same shit. About 3 special moves per, combos, endings, both had shitty storylines... MK had equal depth, if not more if you count the secret characters, Easter eggs, and fatalities littered all over that bitch.


SF2 had none of that until super turbo (which introduced supers and a secret char to compete w MK).


But anyway, KI IS DA SHEEEIT! Tho is was another MK clone (I think the first), but you can't get 100hit combos from button mashing. (perhaps 10?) the combo system needs unique timing of specific moves in order to pull off the sickest shit. With out KI there would be no xmen Cota, let alone marvel vs capcom.

In other words, because of KI, we have 9430;8(748939 hit combos that blow pplz minds, and introduced techniques like timing frames in order to pull out infinites.


If they introduced an awesome story to KI, it could stand w the best.




Oh n ps ultras are mad easy pffft! N you need to see a tournament fighters tournament. Silly as fuk, but tmnt tourney fighters had a tough following.

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