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Once Upon A Time Machine

Mr. Hakujin

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I saw this on toplessrobot.com and thought it'd be something people here would be interested in. Especially for the price.


Once Upon a Time Machine is awesome. It's a comic anthology Dark Horse released this week, edited by Topless Roboteer Andrew Carl, in which a variety of fairy tales, fables, tall tales and more are retold as science fiction. This means you have The Tortoise and the Hare as giant robots; Pinocchio as an artificial intelligence; the Three Little Pigs as rich bastards who have fled earth for their own highly fortified space stations, and much more. You can watch the book's trailer above for a taste of the myriad art styles. It's over 400 pages, is full color, and is somehow only $25 -- it's a steal (and Amazon currently has it for $13.50, which is even more absurd).
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Fantasy characters in sci-fi garb is such an old and cliche idea. Where do these hacks keep finding people to pay them for their 'inventiveness'?


I, Smaug the Destroyer, was the first to transplant my presence into a scifi milieu. In that technological age, I was known as the Death Star and, befitting my awesome power, I made millions cry out in terror before being silenced forever.


Image Comics shall burn.

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