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Derren Brown's Apocalypse


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Did anyone see the first episode of this yet?


Derren Brown sets up an apocalyptic scenario for a 21 year old slacker.


The first of a two-part show, Apocalypse unleashes Derren Brown's most audacious plan yet - to convince one person that the planet has been devastated by a catastrophic meteorite strike, that lethal infected now roam the land and he is one of a mere handful of survivors.


Our 'survivor' is someone who takes life for granted, and has yet to truly value what he has. The adventure that awaits him is meticulously crafted to give him the ultimate wake-up call, and teach him valuable life-lessons.


Will he rise to the challenge?



The first episode is not so great (too much set up amongst other flaws) but I love the concept and I hope the show delivers. The guy even gets the classic 28 Days Later/Walking Dead hospital bed "wake up into the apocalypse"




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Derren Brown is hit by allegations that Apocalypse 'victim' is an actor

  • The Channel 4 show's star, Steve Brosnan, studied acting at college
  • His Twitter page is linked to an actors casting database
  • Claims he 'is very passionate about performing'
  • Brosnan posts picture of himself 'filming' a BBC pilot on his Facebook page


Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz2AhxxdyoC

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