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The Hondosbar Gaming Challenge!


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So I thought this could be kinda fun, and I need a reason to play more games. Basically we throw out our own challenges and try to accomplish them. Like custom achievements I guess. Maybe throw them to someone specific, or a site wide one and see who does it first. I'm not real sure how we would document this though besides just taking pics/screencaps. Thoughts/suggestions? Also could be a good reason to dust off some of out older stuff.

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That's the beauty of it, no commitment required. I know a good chunk of the board owns Skyrim and a bunch of fun stuff could come out of that.


Get as serious or wacky as you want. Try and keep them doable, but even so I bet failing on impossible tasks could be pretty hilarious.

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Black ops 2 is coming out... Tons o crap to do on that game. Everyone gonna get that 1?


I think your true remedy is if you have ppl to play with real time. Makes every game a million times more fun.


I'm gonna be playing that zombie game most of the time,.. Perhaps something pertaining to that?

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