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UFC gets women's division


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Dana White confirms UFC Women's division


UFC President Dana White himself confirmed her signing in an interview this week with Jim Rome.


"Yes, it's official," White said. "Ronda Rousey did sign with the UFC."


One of the questions and concerns about bringing Rousey in is whether the UFC will be investing in women's MMA, or just Rousey herself. At this stage, it's essentially the Rousey show, but White sees enough from the women's bantamweight division to believe they've got something worth starting with there.


"She has the whole package," White said. "I've never been interested in women's MMA. First there weren't enough girls to create an entire division. And when I talk about a superstar standout, you know, people talk about Gina Carano, [but] I'm telling you, this girl, she's nasty. She might be beautiful on the outside, [but] she's a Diaz brother on the inside. She's a real fighter, and she's very talented. She has the credentials, the pedigree, everything, and I think she has that 'it' factor, and I think she's going to be a big superstar."


"You can never tell how fights are going to go, and she's got four or five good fights lined up. The next two years we've actually got really good opponents for her, and it's going to be really interesting, we'll see what happens... There is [enough depth] in that division. In the 135 lb. division there is. These other women's divisions? No, there's not."

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