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Holy shit I didn't even know this was happening!


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Set to release in summer 2014


A few weeks ago Al Young gave us a glimpse of Macrograph's test footage for the long-awaited follow-up to Bong Joon-ho's enormously popular creature feature The Host. The impressive clip, which actually dates back a few years, got a lot of people excited as it made its way around the net but now the silence has been broken on the sequel as producer Choi Yong-bae has shed light on the production's status.


Director Im Pil-sung (Hansel & Gretel, Doomsday Book) recently finished a script which will be helmed by debut filmmaker Park Myung-chun. While no word has surfaced on the plot yet, it has been revealed that The Host 2 will feature two different monsters this time around. An early summer 2014 release date is being eyed for the hotly anticipated monster movie and all effects will be handled domestically (US-based company The Orphanage previously handled the CG).


Following a number of blockbuster disasters for mainstream Korean cinema in recent years, including Sector 7, My Way and R2B: Return to Base, this project seemed destined to languish in pre-production hell. However, following the recent success of Choi's crowd-sourced and highly controversial 26 Years not to mention the industry's local box office success in 2012, The Host 2 seems to have to caught some new wind in its sails. Though Park is unproven in the director's chair, with the help of Im's strong genre credentials, Choi's years of experience and the strong effects hinted at in the previously released clip, he'll have plenty of help to bring us a new creature feature worth getting excited about next summer.

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