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Todd and the Book of Pure Evil


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Bindy pimped this in the shoutbox recently and I just started watching it, and it doesn't disappoint.




Todd, Curtis, Jenny, and Hannah are students at Crowley High, the only high school in a small town secretly founded by Satanists. After encountering a cursed magical tome with a mind of its own, the Book of Pure Evil, which grants the wishes of those who hold it in dark and sinister ways they didn't intend, they team up in an attempt to track down and destroy the Book, although it has an unfortunate tendency to fly away after its spells are undone. Each episode revolves around a student at Crowley High using the Book to try to make their life better, though this usually results in chaos, mayhem, and bloodshed at the school. Todd and his gang then fight against whatever the Book has done, and try to keep Crowley High from being totally destroyed. Supposedly friendly school guidance counsellor Atticus Murphy helps them in their quest to destroy the Book, though secretly he is a member of the cabal of Satanists who run the town from behind the scenes, and has been tasked with returning the Book of Pure Evil to their leader.


Jason Mewes as the "Wise Janitor" is especially hilarious. It's only 2 seasons and unfortunately a 3rd season doesn't look like it's happening. But yeah so far this is grand.


Think Degrassi meets Reaper if it was on HBO

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Aaaand it ends just as it starts getting really good. Seriously this was awesome and I impressed how well they kept the story intact, like keeping it consistent without retconning/ignoring plotlines. I was going to say that this show isn't for everyone... and I think that's true, but it's got something for everyone on Hondo's I guess- Baytor I think if you try to stick with it you can get into it. There was a hump for me as well, but once it started going, it goes strong. There's alot of charm going for it I think.



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I really tried to find that image without the hashtag...I did.


They really are fighting to get a season 3, since it was only recently internationally released. The following is picking up and here's hoping it helps the project move forward. For those of you who didn't know, this series came from an internet short that was made and they decided to expand on it.

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Okay, finally back around to this. From episode 2 on I've loved this and developed a very unhealthy fixation with the actress who plays Hannah... goddamn.


Season 2 has been good save 2 things. Jenny is worthless, they tied up her only character arc in the first episode of the season and now all she does is be an angry bitch all the time. She serves no purpose and they need to find direction for her. It probably wouldn't bother me so much if they hadn't done so much with Hannah, Todd, Curtis, Atticus, even Jimmy!


And on the subject of Atticus. He doesn't work as a villain, I much prefer the "good guy forced to be bad" Atticus from season one to the "good guy legitimately trying and horribly failing at being bad" Atticus of season 2. I like his random badass moments but for the most part it just doesn't work.


This is still the best moment in the entire show though:

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