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Roger Rabbit sequel close


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I've never met a Robert Zemeckis film I don’t like,and many of them I love. I was prompted to recently revisit Who Framed Roger Rabbit by a friend who said the shine had gone off of it for him, at least a little.


I didn’t agree. I still loved it. It’s flawed, sure, but that’s love for you. And I’d certainly be more than happy for Zemeckis to get his long-planned sequel underway.


He’s recounted some details of what this sequel would entail in a new MTV interview:


It would be done just like the first one. It would look the same way, but we would present it in 3-D in its release. I would do all of the animation hand-drawn; 2-D, but using 3-D tools. It wouldn’t be like Pixar 3-D. It wouldn’t look like that… this would again be another period movie.


The script is in with Disney at the moment, with Zemeckis saying:


I’m happy with the script. It’s very good. It’s written by the original writers, and it’s good. [but Disney] is still thinking about it.


Pull your finger out, Mickey, and while you’re at it, re-release the original in 3D. Zemeckis says that tests have been done, and they’re good:


The only one [of my film's I'd convert to 3D is] Roger Rabbit, because you could really pull the animation out as a separate element. It would be very spectacular 3-D. As far as converting, the Back to the Future films… I don’t see the point in that. But they did a test on Roger back in 2006, somewhere around then, and it looks really great.


And a re-release would prove Roger’s box-office pull, I’m sure.


In the meantime, plans are afoot for a Blu-ray release of the film in 2013 –I previously posted the trailer. Hopefully that will be a big seller too.


Zemeckis’ Flight is on release in the US now and is really rather good. The UK will get to see it in February.

http:// http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/11/30/robert-zemeckis-sets-up-the-3d-roger-rabbit-sequel-thats-just-waiting-for-disneys-green-light/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


Couple years ago I had a dream that the sequel had fast forwarded to present time and Toontown was in trouble of "foreclosure". The story was the toons were losing their jobs to "machines" (computer animated toons ala Pixar). Crazy hilarity ensued and I woke up sad thinking I might never see this. Could it be? Now I might get my movie? :')



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Sweet. Cool to see a modern featurette covering what a monumental feat it was back in the day to accomplish what they did. Glad to see the film's merits not forgotten in the 'youtube' / 'Flash Animation' era. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is to be celebrated and have more awards thrown at it!


Honestly, I've always would've liked to see a fan-edit or something of all the transparencies and other minor animation quirks cleaned up. Kinda like a restoration - w/ cleaned up fx. I understand - people 'love the errors' or it's 'altering the original art' - but if I could click a button on the remote and switch over to a 2017 digital clean-up w/ all the rotoscoping errors, transparencies and color corrected - I'd hit it. (shrugs) I'm the kinda guy who hits the button when I watch the 3 Stooges and switch over to color for a different look - that's been done respectfully.



I'm so okay w/ alterations / edits - as long as the original is available. Star Trek OS on blu did it right.


Eh - I'll probably end up doing it myself - as a passion project. One day. Right after I remake the NES game.

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Here's test footage of Roger in cg...because there isn't enough Roger Rabbit talk going on - LOL



This was the late 90s - this test footage ultimately put a halt on all work on a sequel. CG is cheaper, but you can't duplicate that hand-drawn...feel. Glad they didn't go through w/ it. Again, the amount of work put into the original is mind-blowing.


I'm going through the movie right now frame-by-frame - workin' on a project...(which, thanks to Panch, the...bar has been elevated...bastard - LOL)


I still stand by thinking the movie should be completey re-composited: Go back to the original film-elements - clean, restore, rescan - and recomposite the whole thing. The blu transfer really is kinda off - the black levels and sum colors r soooo off in places (check out how shadows essentially glow as Eddie approaches the Ink n' Paint Club or tests his Toon Gun before he enters Toon Town).


Wanting the lil' rotoscoping errors cleaned up would be a fun-ass passion project - but the film itself, as-is, would absolutely shine w/ a 'ground-up' complete - respectful - digital re-composite. Transparency and color issues would be fixed and the insanely hard work put into this movie would be brought to the forefront even more.


The tech is here - a movie like this would absolutely benefit.

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I was gonna post this in the 'cosplay' thread - but the 'Roger Rabbit thread' needs sum love.


I replicated the Toon Gun.




^ NOTE: They 'cheated' - LOL - the thumb and fingers overlap into the gun. I worked hard to get 1:1 - but you can't do what they did - and hold it properly. You'd be 'craddling' it - evident by this 'unpainted' shot...



On the left is 1:1 - the right is 'creative license' w/ the handle - in order to be able to hold it properly...













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So that's pretty fuckin spectacular. +1 man, phenomenal work, I need to see a more detailed full cosplay photo though, the whole effort looks near flawless.


Thank you, sir! Yeah, dude - I went full monty - printed out the 'pattycake evidence' on glossies and had 'em in my suit jacket pocket. I also replicated the Will!






There's actual instructions on what to do w Acme's estate on there - it wasn't just generic legal jargon that 'materialized' at the end of the flick. A BITCH to decipher, it isn't typed - (in the movie. Mine is typed, but the 'lipstick' I did w/ a pink crayon) - it's all 'handwritten' in that blue disappearing / re-appearing ink. Only 3 words I just could not make out - but Marvin Acme named Jessica Rabbit as the executor of his estate and left the Acme Warehouse to Roger...and a 'fund' to ensure that Toon performers would be able to endure in their 'pursuit of Toon inanity'. Nuts!


I only ended up busting out the props a couple o' times - but it totally completed the outfit, for me. LOL - I considered making the bullets (on Panch's...'recommend') - but if I had 'em in my pocket, they get all scuffed rolling n' rubbing around in there. Gotta keep 'em in a box, but it'd be a big-ass box - it's gotta fit the Toon Gun, too. Didn't wanna lug a box around. My hands were already full w/ a Roger Rabbit plush and the Toon Gun. Still gotta figure it out - totally doing Eddie Valiant again.


Yeah, I expected a couple o' chuckles - wasn't prepared for the level of attention I got. I was kinda freakin'...I wasn't mentally prepared. Took about an hour for me to realize n' accept 'you come dressed like that - expect attention...and a shit-ton of eyes all up n' down yo' bidness.'


I haven't had a clean shave or worn contacts in years - I not only felt naked and exposed - but I was dressed in a 'LOOK AT MEEE!!!' outfit. Really overwhelming! Thank god, Panch and Sheila (sp?) were there to run to after 'photo requests'. LOL - "This is too weird! Everyone is asking for pics / I don't know how Eddie Valiant would pose / and - yaaaargh! everyone is staring at me!" LOL!!!


2nd day was better - I pretty much wondered on my own...felt pretty cool 'walking the beat' and being a part of that component (cosplayers) providing a sense of joy / fun(?). I was there less time than the first day, but a lot more photo requests...people came outta their booths! Really 'out-of-body'. A recommended experience.







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Dude was shakin' like a leaf at the beginning. Those first few photo requests, I could see, were brutal for you, but you endured like a champ. After a while you were makin' friends and having a blast. I was really happy for you. Couple times you busted out the pattycake pics when it was a pretty girl askin' for a shapshot. I saw what you were doin, man. ;)

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LOL!!! OOOOOH, the pix I would've taken if I had a free hand. "I love you, Miami!" LOL!!!


Yeah, sum people loved the props I'd manage to wrangle out o' my pockets - and sum just hadn't seen the movie in years to appreciate it. My concern w/ going that extra mile in making those bullets.


My all-time favorite was a super-excited buxom Wonder Woman, "OMG!!! I love Roger Rabbit! I need a pic - wait...are you the bad guy?"


"(sigh) C'mere, jiggles - here, you can hold my bunny. Cheeese!" (click)


Man, I wished I took pics - hottie-overload at some points. Everyone's seen a Jessica Rabbit - people told me they've been goin' to cons for years - n' never seen an 'Eddie'. I've seen sum on google...so I know it's been done, but I really liked how my version came out compared to the ones I've seen. I really tried to 'get it there' - honestly, just for giggles sake...now it's gonna be my go-to outfit for future cons, events, meetings...funerals...


"What the hell is this?!"


"Uh - it's called 'looking good'. You should try it."


EDIT: Added before n' after pix:




The first 'costume fitting'.





I had oversized pants n' those 1930s suspenders - I hiked the pants waaay up, hemmed the pant cuffs and tied the tie real short.- to get that 'belly' effect.



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Thanks again, man.


Yeah! That be cool! Be really awesome if we all met up in sum costume...even if a 'convention' is months out. LOL!


I'm gonna keep pickin' at it - I wanted to print out and do sum iron-on of the exact pattern that's on Eddie's tie, just wasn't enough time to wrap my brain around all it takes. I have the pattern / image-design extracted and locked...just how to get all that on fabric...and a 'fixed' pattern on a 'fixed' tie? Next time.


The gun took months (not everyday, but on n' off - jumping between projects)

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