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Shield - nVidia's console


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the verge


live stream!




:: Named Shield (codename: Thor)

:: Runs on pure android (no bloat-ware or skins)

:: Games: "NVIDIA TegraZone" and "Google's app store"

:: No exclusive games were announced yet.


:: Tegra 4 (72 cores)

:: Has a bloody heatstink of some sort in a portable

:: Most powerful mobile console (atleast that what he said)

:: It can play 4k videos and "drive" 4k TV sets (that what he said)


:: Shaped like a controller

:: 5-inch, 720p Retinal multitouch display with 294ppi pixel density

:: The 5 inch touchscreen has a customizable plate

:: Custom bass reflex system with tuned ports for sound.

:: Controls are all the controls a gamer would expect (pressure sesitve triggers, clickable sticks etc.)

:: Micro SD support.

:: Audio out, Hdmi Out, USB support.


:: Battery lasts from 5-10 hours while gaming or 24 hours of HD video playback (according to verge)

:: Can stream from PC like wiiu, and can stream that image to your TV (it could stream Steam games from your PC)

:: Could also to cloud gaming (much like any other mobile/tablet)

:: Does local multiplayer wireless.


:: No price, storage announced

:: Coming out Q2















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See, the whole "stream pc games including steam" makes me wonder why steam is even getting into the console game. Why not just strike a deal to let the big guns use steam on their next consoles?


This one does look cool though. Looks like it might even implement some sort of duel screen stuff like the WU... maybe. Anyway this is gonna be a hell of a year.

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Ah I got it backwards then. Yea definitely a result of that.


Generations was awesome. But what I mean by WHORE! is sonic n Mario Olympic Games and smash bros and whatever mashup he made an appearance in.

If Sega created a Saturn esque console w that perfect controller I'm all in.

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