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i posted their GOTY awards in the past (because they're my favorite) but i wanted a thread for them. The show actually started on a super-low budget back in '99, so it's pretty cool to go back & see their dreamcast reviews for Toy Commander, Seaman and such.


Like TGWTG and other lesser stuff, there's side characters/skits i largely don't care about, but i've become quite a fan of Mark, who really goes against both the industry hype of AAA titles (he doesn't snub them, but doesn't feign objectivity and allow popular choices to affect his opinion/calls) as well as being generally positive, where the trend for years now has been quite the opposite - i genuinely find his reviews/awards refreshing. He just comes off as a guy who has played a tremendous amount of games from nearly every generation & likes sharing opinions on them.


the downside of this is that if you're looking for technical reviews, he'll have little to offer versus say Edge or Digital Foundry. still, it's hard not to dig a guy who puts Robocop vs Terminator in his all-time top 5, and gives GOTY to...well, here's those.






man, talking about your favorite games at a bar is the life~


and for reviews:








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he's got a great voice, but he does choose some odd places to enunciate, agreed.


by the way, this # 1 for 2012, Gunlord, is a fan-made Dreamcast game that plays like Super Turrican. i'dve totally slept on it without his say-so, i love that he tosses in stuff like that (as well as pinball machines, arcade racers & tons of others that don't approach other lists...Vanquish for 2010 was a great pick, in my opinion)

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not that i needed any further selling on it past "a 2 exists" but the baby stroller thing...wow


this is the kind've thing i'm simultaneously in awe that i missed it & happy it happened and im now aware of it. i wanna say i was all over my DC at that point (PS2 was mainly playing DVDs until MGS2 and DMC showed up, then some lulls after that) but that was also about the last point in my life i'd legitimately say i was "busy" so i guess there's that excuse


still combing through reviews, gonna post some genesis ones later

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