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Mark Cerny, gaming legend


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Mark Cenry was the sleepless-looking guy who sony had debut the PS4, talking about its controller & specific features. At the time, I myself wasn't aware of the tremendous impact he's had on gaming, but i've been reading/watching lots of his stuff since, and he's brilliant.


his resume on wiki is insane - the same guy who created Marble Madness at 17 worked on master system, genesis, 3DO, PS 1-3 and now is the lead architect/designer of PS4. because he tends to remain out of the limelight, the stories about him are incredible, and i've never seen a software/hardware engineer guy who's also fluent in japanese & worked for so many companies across the years trying to bring projects together.


here at a DICE summit over 10 years ago, he gets into his patented process of game development:



great piece on his influence:



speaking to/translating for Yu Suzuki a few years back @ GDC about Shenmue 3 & development:



other tidbits as i find them:


Well after Sonic 1 was finished Yuji Naka hated Sega's treatment and quit.


Yes, that Yuji Naka.


Anyway Mark Cerny convinced Naka to come back to Sega at Sonic Team USA. So that duo and Hirokazu Yasuhara (like Cerny went on to also work with ND on games like Uncharted) made what we know as Sonic 2. The game that singlehandedly drove Segas market share up to 50% against Nintendo at the time.


seriously, this guy's amazing and the fact Sony not only went to develop their next system (5 years or so ago) in the west, but sought out this man to do so gives me hope for eastern development efforts as well. i wish the industry had more guys like this.

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