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i just blazed through all 9 currently released/subbed eps, 8 on cruncyroll with # 9 dropping saturday...damn. berserk fans: do not sleep. this isn't that, but it's some of the darkest shit i've seen since, and hooked me very early on.


watch, and talk!



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yeah, that's us now...every saturday, right?


told gunsmith, newt says he was reading the manga i think. but like you said, it's been years since i was hyped to follow an anime, it's good to finally find one again.



how the fuck is he controlling one of them after what happened to him, and dammit get back to that basement already!


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Well, five episodes left and no end in sight. Now I'm just hoping they don't try and pull an 'original ending' to cap the series. Build up has been great, just leave it on a cliffhanger and give us a few more seasons!


Oh and Nick, I read a mild spoiler from the manga (not something that's happened, something that HASN'T happened yet)

They still ain't got to the damned basement!!


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Full Metal Alchemist was led to an outside-the-manga conclusion and was later rebooted as FMA Brotherhood, which ended the series according to the Manga's whims.


BTOOOOM ended where the manga was and is waiting for more chapters to build before it makes its season two.


Titan's manga is nowhere near finished, and they've only announced this one season. Either they'll stop where the manga is/a little behind it and not do another season until time's built, or they'll make an ending while the manga goes on, and assumedly its popularity will necessitate a rebooted true ending like FMA did.

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