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no, because it's been like 4 years, holy shit


i will prolly hit it up if i hear good things - i know people reading the manga ahead of where we're at weren't all pleased, and honestly, like space cowboy in here i'm nervous that they've painted themselves into a corner with some of these plotlines where nearly any answer is gonna make me groan. might still be along for the ride up to that point though!

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Ok so finally picked this back up. Me and @JayneLane watched S1 together. First time for her, second for me. But man I didnt remember half of it. Good shit.



...but season 2? Man oh man season fucking 2 is incredible. Quality jumps ahead light years. This really is a mech show with flesh suits though. Get back on it guys. It's action packed, funny, horrifying and exciting. Can't wait to catch up in season 3.

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oh wow, that's good to hear - i'd read so much about the manga's unevenness that i wasn't sure what to expect here.  


crazy how long season 2 took to get out the door, though - this feels like it went from one of the hottest animes on the block to barely talked about 

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