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Geoguessr VERSUS challenge #1


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OK, I figured out how to make the Geoguessr challenge links work, so now we can have a context where we all go after the same locations and see who REALLY is better since getting lucky breaks like being in front of a giant signboard or bad luck like getting stuck inside a church won't matter.


Getting the link to work will be a little tricky since the forum automatically deletes some of the posted geoguessr url for some reason.


Here's the link with the bit deleted: http://geoguessr.com...TQ3NF1dfQ%3D%3D



First colick the link address above and bring it up in a new window/tab. Next, insert the following 2 bits of text into the url bar after 'geoguessr.com/'




followed by




(I had to post the two bits separately even though they are one string because they actually disappear from view in the forum post if they're put down as one string of letters.)


Anyway, after you've added the two bits above after the '/', clicking on the address should bring up the challenge.


Remember the rules. You can roam about and take as long as you want to explore, but no googling the names of places and brand names or symbols or phone number area codes or anything else. Just you, the streetview and the map.


For the one I just posted, my score was 19 931.

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