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I came across this guy and thought "WOW. Finally I can get through the bullshit."


I don't always agree with his analysis or verdict but the points he brings up are always spot on.




his review of Bond 20 for example goes against everyone else's but that's good cuz nothing's perfect and balance is required.


Oh yeah, he dislikes Kevin Smith and comic books too, so a lot of people on the board will be offended.

But like I said, even though he disagrees with you as a reader, you can respect him cuz he's got good reasons for his opinions (Well except for the comic book thing. He seems to have a pathological hatred of us comic book geeks based on nothing but perception)


His 'Quote Whore' sidebar is great.

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Dude, he gave the 5 to glitter as a *joke*. Read the review, and you'll see.


Basically he was like, "yeah, the movie is crap and Mariah's a talentless skank but she's fuckable so I don;t care"


My favorites of the reviews in his archives are Glitter, Gladiator, and Crouching Tiger (where he shows that he really does know what makes a movie good). Also Jim Carey's Grich where he gives that movie the shaft it so richly deserves.

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