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The Beautiful Ordinance helps keep the town looking neat and tidy. The purpose of this is to better accomodate players who might not be able to visit and help maintain their town on a daily basis. The key benefits of choosing this ordinance are:

Oohhhh hohoohoohoohoo! :excellent:

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this is my one-stop shop at the moment


if anyone has a tubmlr, i'm dumping my AC highlights here


also bless maldron's pea-pickin' heart, this right here is the real money




i filled the island's 4 small pages with beetles & sharks last night, must've cleared 400k+ when i sold them this morning. paid off the fountain project, my current mortgage & have enough for the 1st upstairs level to be paid off tomorrow. shit's crazy, i've got my nights cut out for me.

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going back to the island for trip # 4, wondering if ill clear 2 million bells in one evening. trip # 2 literally took 32 minutes to fill all 4 boxes so i'm getting the grind down pat...i need to go look up how much mortgage total & project works are before going crazy

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you're missing some quality villagers




however, unveiling new projects at 7am with a bunch of bum-ass burnout villagers is always a sad scene




at least Redd the art thief dealer showed up today, so here's to that museum expansion soon. still 3 or 4 days till club LOL opens, and nook is charging about 598k per expansion on my baller house so these turnips better pay off soon!






animals stop giving me #$%@ing shirts and start suggesting projects or something useful you bums

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