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106 years ago today, Winsor McCay's first animated film "Little Nemo" made it's theatrical debut! Hand-drawn, ink on rice paper and then pasted on cardboard - then individually photographed. It wasn't in color when it premiered, he added color later - frame-by-frame. It's based on his insanely popular comic strip at the time, "Little Nemo in Slumberland."



Winsor was primarily an illustrator / cartoonist / comic strip artist - his animated films were passion projects. He elevated the bar when it came to comic strip art and he turned out to be a natural animator...considered a master in the field. No training, just - 'had it'. Unlike Disney, he wasn't trying to turn the medium into a trade - his roots were in vaudeville, he simply sought entertainment w/ his art.


Sands of time weren't too kind to him, the vast majority of people have no idea who this guy is. Big fan. Huge source of inspiration. I'm a big passion project-guy, myself...my stuff usually has a...very limited audience...(shrugs) and that's okay. I love doing it.



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Lost 'Oswald the Lucky Rabbit' short - found in a Norwegian Library. (In Dec 2014)




A copy of a 1927 Walt Disney cartoon that was thought to be lost has been found in northern Norway, the country’s National Library said Thursday.


The film — an almost complete version of “Empty Socks,” the first Christmas film by the U.S. entertainment giant —was discovered during an inventory at the library’s facility in Mo i Rana, near the Arctic circle.


“At the beginning, we didn’t know it was a lost cinematographic treasure,” Kvale Soerenssen, an archivist at the library, said in a statement.


“The film was in two reels which weren’t clearly labeled.”


The original version of “Empty Socks” had a duration of 5:30 minutes, but between 30 and 60 seconds from the central part were missing in the footage found in Norway, which was authenticated by Disney cartoonist David Gerstein.


The National Library said it had digitized it and sent a copy to The Walt Disney Company.

Before this find, the only known copy of “Empty Socks” was a 25-second sequence preserved at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


The Norwegian film originally belonged to a private individual, before ending up in the collection of the Norwegian Film Institute, which handed over its archive to the National Library of Norway.


Cool! Man, Oswald would have been a killer fig choice for 'Disney Infinity'. He got a sweet, awesome-epic return to the 'Disney fold' in 'Epic Mickey'. His fig would've sold like hot bananas.



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Just binged Gate: Thus the Japanese Self-Defense Force Fought There! It's an interesting premise of what would happen if a mystic portal to a magical/Iron Age world suddenly appeared in downtown Tokyo and the natives weren't at first friendly. It's a little bit on the SDF fanboy side where the Japanese military can do no wrong and other world powers, especially the Americans, are a bunch of sleazy assholes. But the premise of a modern military dealing with sword and sorcery adversaries has never been portrayed in a more realistic fashion; there is no chivalry on behalf of the modern military, just detailed-oriented planning and preparation followed by ruthless application of precise and overwhelming force. Only after crushing/annihilating the enemy does the victor's magnanimity enter play as they try to pacify the situation and deal with the fallout. A rather jarring juxtaposition when you consider the history of Japan after WWII; and how they now suddenly find themselves the occupiers of a defeated empire. The story is very much a Japanese power fantasy but damn entertaining.





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I'd like to bring up an anime that I'm currently watching that's REALLY GOOD right now. It's called Kakegurui (Lit. "Complusive Gambler"). The whole premise is that there's a school for wealthy students where the students are evaluated based on how good of a gambler they are, if they understand lip reading or bluffs and so forth. The students that lose when gambling get treated as slaves for the better gamblers, being called "Pochi" (Fido) or Mite (Kitty). Although the whole system of gambling is changed when a student enrolls to the school and begins to show the students what a real high rolling gambler looks like. The animation and character designs are very pleasing, there's great detail to the facial expressions when a character is sadistic or insane, and the Opening and Closing songs are really catchy (The songs are "Deal With The Devil" and "Lay On The Line") and probably one of my favorite Openings and Endings.


I really recommend this anime. It's right now in my Top 3 series I am watching and have seen.

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