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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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It's like he's playing Jim Carey's Riddler and Jared Leto's Joker at the exact same time.


My exact fucking thought, what a strange decision. If they felt people were tired of seeing a bald domineering business man, then just don't use Lex Luther. It's not as if fans would have been crying out if Lex wasn't in a film called "Batman v Superman", especially if you're going to have Doomsday in it (That was Doomsday right?)


And yeah, so have they just given us the entire movie in that trailer?

  • Clark and Bruce meet, are suspicious of each other.
  • They probably size each other up.
  • They start fighting because they don't like how the other vigilantises (it's a word now).
  • Luther turns Zod into Doomsday.
  • Wonder Woman just happens to be strolling by to save them from uncertain death.
  • The three team up and fight the bad guy.
  • They now all love each other.
  • ?
  • Profit.

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Uggghhhh. I am SO OVER Zack Snyder. He hasn't made a decent movie since Watchmen. Looking at his IMDB page is depressing as hell. He has his hands all over nearly everything DC is doing (producing some, directing others). Wonder Woman, Justice League, Flash, Aquaman.


Man of Steel was GARBAGE. Why is this happening? mumble.gif

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Yeah I get worried I'll see the whole movie when I watch any trailer. Marvel does this alot, The Hateful Eight made me feel this way, but goddamn if that didn't look like the entire movie. I don't know if I can truly defend Man of Steel, but I found it entertaining at least, but that's probably because of the ridiculously DBZ style fights. This though... man I WANT it to be good. I think all of us do, but it's really hard to see it that way right now.

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Yeah despite all his rage David Goyer is going to keep this franchise in a bleak brown cage, but Snyder isn't directing Wonder Woman and it looks... well I'm not hyped, and I very much want to be hyped, but this looks like it could be a modest hit (from a quality perspective) and I'm glad to see that some levity is creeping into these movies at last.

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That's the trailer they should have opened with.



I don't know about that music though... I like rock just fine, but it didn't really jive there. Sounded like Junkie XL's handiwork, which is great! It sounded awesome and he did amazingly with Mad Max, but that felt like it belonged in Iron Man, not this. That definitely made the movie look a bit more fun though.

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Rumor: Warner Brothers rethinking entire DC film slate based on Batman v Superman


Drew McWeeny is reporting that apparently the suits at Warner Brothers are less than happy with the initial feedback from Batman v Superman.


If you watch the video, apparently a lot of people are sweating because the reception of those who have seen the film is not what they want. According to him people love Ben Affleck and they love Jesse Eisenberg. The rest? Eh...


In fact he goes on to guess that while Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman will go forward as is, Justice League will be pushed back to be heavily retooled and he'd bet that Zach Snyder won't be directing it. Instead, Warner will shell out whatever it takes to get Ben Affleck to do a Batman film, and then refocus the DC Cinematic Universe around him.


It seems to me that there's an implication there that Superman is, arguably once again, a mess in this film.


Again, this is all a rumor, so nothing's solidified. But I can Warner being nervous given that the trailers haven't necessarily been warmly received.







honestly, if the bit about finally ditching Snyder, pulling the JLA movie back & retooling pans out, i think it'll be a good move. we've not yet seen this, but my faith in DC's movies is pretty low right now - maybe they're hoping for another Dark Knight Rises situation, where it brings in a ton of money but ends up being thoroughly mediocre?


i mean...even Suicide Squad looks like a more fun movie, at this point. affleck-bats could be great, though.

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Well, at least it's just for the bluray...which is kinda expected. The home video releases these days usually are the extended / director's cut version anyway.


I hope studios aren't confusing the success of Deadpool and it's R rating - the lesson should be: an rated R comic book film can be a success. Not: it was a success because it was rated R.

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batsman vs sooperman, a review by nicholas custard


this is a troubled movie



The Good

  • Cavill is still a great casting call for Supes, and Affleck did good enough here to still make me want his solo flick. WW was good when she clocked in & went to work for the last 10 minutes
  • speaking of affleck, it was cool seeing bats do crowd control with the terrorists towards the end. also? Alfried was a better take on the character, i thought

The Bad

  • I don't know how you make a 2 and a half hour movie feel way too long, and somehow short too - but it was done here. there's so many plotlines to move things along, right? but they're not exciting, and the transition is sometimes jarring, if not nonexistent. there's too many scenes where i caught myself thinking "wait, why are we here again?" and not really caring, just waiting to advance it
  • Speaking of? there's a quick dream sequence thing that felt like a Red Son nod, but was followed by a guy telling Bats he was right - apparently that was the Flash, who i didn't think looked like that quick clip we saw of him later, right after seeing Aquaman (yay!) with a cosplay trident. I didn't even recall the winged creature things being from Apokalips...good luck, casual moviegoers!
  • Lois was cool for the first few minutes of the movie (desert scene), then existed as a boring prop to be saved from dumb situations. i don't bitch here so much as a feminist, as just thinking it was a wasted character - the last time, she's like drowning in a caved-in kiddie pool where she tossed a kryptonian staff. Supes ditched his team, got her & almost died picking up said staff (you had one job, lois) and gave another monologue.
  • Also? Hans Zimmer is of course great, but he's Hans Zimmering the fuck out of this movie. expect booming sounds & sweeping strings during mundane scenes sometime.

The Ugly

-Lex is the worst villain i've seen in a while.

He feels like the result of some poor focus group testing on the perception of millennials

He feels like someone told him to study Ledger's Joker, and take it up to 11 - but without the chops

He feels like a villain who spends his night leaving inappropriate comments on youtube

He's not good. I know MCU has its host of forgettable villains, but dude is memorable in just how awful he is


Most heroes here didn't feel in character to me for the bulk of the movie:

-Batman is way closer to All-Star bats than DKR, for me...like, he legit caused the death of multiple people here (and not just in the dream sequence). He even says his 20 years or so of busting criminals is shit cause revolving door/etc, but then taking down Supes would be much better! This is not nearly as bad as, say, quitting that bat-season cause your girlfriend died, then coming back once & ditching it all for france, but it's not great.

He once again makes no use of his world's greatest detective skills. i know none of the bat-films have (sadly), but he's not even stealthy here when sneaking about, and gets fooled by lex leaving mean notes on pictures by his door or something. i don't even know.


-Supes is way too comfortable being the subject of religious worship/imagery, i guess that carried over from MoS. he's also nerfed as hell sometimes - that huge marquee fight the movie largely wasted 2 hours getting to? the one he could've likely skipped by just listening for his mom or whatever he's a huge dope, but bats kinda is too - remember in DKR when bats was using all that stuff supes can handle inside a few seconds as distractions while he doles out the real battle plan? yeah, those things are here, but they don't seem to serve a purpose. then supes gets smacked with kryptonian gas not once, but twice - after this point, you gotta figure he just isn't trying. you can blow that shit away, or fly out of the closed area you're in! or, you know, literally fly into bats, remove his armor & be done with this charade inside of the moments it took him to load & fire that gun at you, again. but no, you take it & the movie outright implies bats could've killed you, but he changed his mind once you mentioned having the same mom's name as his, after which they're literally superfriends - despite, you know, bats' new life mission. remember those transitions i mentioned?

Mind you, this scene is followed by one of bats & the aforementioned crowd control - which, again, was cool, but considering it was to save kent's mom (who also gave a fantastic "be a hero! or don't, lol" speech earlier) and supes could've cleared that up within seconds & literally still been on time to stand by like a dope while Lex unveils the final fight, which...ughhh


So all those half-baked plotlines of pushing bats to wanna fight supes were for the expected 5 minute fight before the big teamup, but the plot just dragged its ass all over the carpet to get to something that i'm sure others enjoyed more than me. the final fight itself (past Lois' stuff) was definitely the highlight, and i definitely enjoyed much of that final act, but here's the thing:


this was supposed to be about planting seeds. you had wonder woman (who spent most of the flick looking at things, concerned), quick nods to several key JLA members, and the hokey ending line about the need to unite - but i just spent a few largely unenjoyable hours in another needlessly dark & humorless romp through what feels like a a universe too scared to distance itself from Nolan's more successful/beloved bat-flicks, and what i got was a Batman/Superman flick that felt like a story for neither character. and considering we went down the checklist of nods to DKR, Red Son, Death/Return and several other big known arcs, that's saying a lot.


Worse yet, those seeds aren't looking to grow into anything promising. You remember after Green Lantern (no, after the uncontrollable crying at seeing another of your favorite characters likely buried for another decade), when the after-credits scene saw the wink-wink/nudge-nudge, fanboys Sinestro Wars shoutout? It wasn't just the worst kind of pandering (which it was, since his character at no point in that shithouse film acted in that way), it was severely off-putting because while i'd love to see that story on the big screen, this ride was fucking terrible and frankly, if its a continuation of such, i'd rather not.


Likewise with Amazing Spider-Man 2: you just endured a few hours of bullshit, and then the basement shot is like hey! Who here likes the Sinister Six?! and you're thinking fucksake, not me, if it's gonna have anything to do with anyone attached to this mess.


This isn't quite that - again, i like the 3 main protagonists here (even if I didn't have enough time with Diana to say much on her acting) but it's a huge bummer to think that literally the only excitement i have for a JLA flick is if Snyder's confirmed off of it, and prolly Goyer too at this point. I want to see them come together, and i think the casting here (Lex aside) is good! but it feels like the next effort'll have to be good in spite of this, not at all because of it. if the studio keeps wanting to put characters like Supes into stories that aren't at all theirs, i'm out.




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