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Pretty cool show that I think folks on here will like. While it's no Animated Series, it's the closest thing when it comes to look and feel. It also reminds me of that old CG animated Spider-Man show on MTV. Remember that?


Anyway, it also does something different than most Batshows, it features the c-list villains. And while that sounds horrible, it's just cool to see different adventures for Bats. They tweak some of the characters a bit, too. Namely, Alfred. Just watch.

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Yeah, I watched the clips you posted. Not a fan of the animation style, the voice acting, or the CGI look in general. It did make me appreciate the quality of B:TAS though. I'm wondering if they'll ever clean those old shows up and give 'em the bluray treatment.


Now get off my lawn, you damn punks.



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