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Time For Another Lyric Game


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sooooo we played this game in leadership and i'm bringing it to DD..


i start with a word and the object is to find as many songs as possible that have that word in the song....


for example, let's say the word is FLOWER


I could list:


"You don't bring me flowers" By Barbara Streisand


this illustrates a good point.. the word can be PLURAL of the given word, or the root word has to be evident.... for example let's say the word is SING...you can give a song with the word SINGING in it, and still receive credit..


let's start with an easy word...


LOVE... go to it

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P.S. this game is ona first come first serve basis... i'm starting out the game... the person who posts after me cannot post any of the songs i listed


1.) I wanna keep on loving you (i'll use the donna's version "i wanna keep on loving you...cause it's the only thing i wanna do")


2.) Love fool, The Cardigans ("love me, love me, say that you love me")


3.) All of My Love, Led Zeppelin "all of my love, all of my love, yes all of my love, to you"


4.) I could fall in love, Selena


5.) What's love got to do with it, Tina Turner


6.) Heartbreaker, Mariah Carey "give me your love, give me your love"


7.) All you need is love, The Beatles


8.) She loves you, The Beatles


9.) Feel Like Making Love (god don't know who sings it just know the song)


10.) Listen The Beatles "Listen...do you want to know a secret? do you promise not to tell? oooohhhhh closer... let me whisper in your ear...the words you long to hear...i'm in LOVE with you"


11.) Money Don't buy me love, The Beatles


12.) Love me tender, Elvis


13.) You're just too good to be true "i love you baby... and if it's quite alright i need you baby..to warm the lonely nights...)


and i'm spent.. i racked up 13 points for this round...... whoever wants to beat me has to come up with 14 original songs that i didn't list...

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#9 is by bad company

#10 is called 'do you want to know a secret?', not 'listen'


14) Whole Lotta Love (led zep)


15) good old fashioned lover boy (queen)


16) let me put my love into you (ac-dc)


17) love hungry man (ac-dc)


18) Love you to (beatles)


19) cradle of love (bliiy idol)


20) you give love a bad name (billy idol)


21) love stinks (j geils band)


22) i will always love you (whitney houston)


23) love the one you're with (c,s&n)


24) hello i love you (doors)


25) love her madly (doors)


26) love me two times (doors)


27) funeral for a friend, love lies bleeding (elton john)


That's 14, here's a few more


28) love ain't for keepin (who)


29) pride (in the name of love) (u2)


30) i don't believe in love (queensryche)


31) crazy little thing called love (queen)


32) radar love (golden earring)


33) i would do anything for love (but i wouldn't do that) (meat loaf)


That's 20, my age and a nice round number, when to we change words?

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Fairytale of New York (The Pogues) "I love you baby..I can see a better time...


Body of an American (The Pogues) " I told you I'd always love ya I always did I always will"


Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits) "And a love struck Romeo..."


Love in an Elevator (Aerosmith)


That's all I can think of right now...

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