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Bloodborne Coming 2/6/2015




Today, we’re happy to announce that fans will be able to experience Bloodborne’s unique blend of gothic horror, terrifying enemy designs, fast-paced offensive combat (complete with brutal transforming weapons), RPG character customization and progression, and unique online features on Friday, February 6th, 2015, exclusively on PS4.


We’re also happy to reveal the Collector’s Edition for Bloodborne, also available on February 6th, 2015, which will include a special Steelbook collector’s case, an exclusive premium art book featuring stunning concept art from the game, as well as the complete soundtrack featuring all of the haunting music from the game’s score. The Collector’s Edition will be available for $79.99 at participating retailers, and will only be available in limited quantities, so pre-order before it’s too late.












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guns, adjusted speed, and it's the A team that didn't work on Dark Souls 2 (still holding out for the loose possibility of a PS4 port on that one...), right now it's just this & whenever the LE for Persona 5 get announced on my day-1 list, possibly that new EDF 4.


Dark 1 was great, but Demons was some really special shit, hoping for the same here.





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yes, especially since the servers are still online - it's less connected than dark 1, but the hub world has a feel of its own, and unlike dark i'd argue the level design stays consistently good to great across the board. some amazing boss fights (one in particular is up there with psycho mantis for me), lotta great moments worth your time!

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Here's a quick run-down of a few of Miyazaki's notes from the panel:


• Over 10 maps in the world.

• Each map is unique with it's own "situation."

• The Chalice dungeon is a multi-layered map located in the city's lower levels

• Procedurally generated, but massive, spanning the entire underground area of the city.

• Each area in the underground has a holy chalice; finding that allows you to break the seal and access another section.

• By multi-layer, that means there are three layers to present different surprises and traps to widen the game's strategy

• After generating your dungeon through the Holy Chalice ritual, it stays fixed. That allows players the opportunity to master each dungeon while still providing "fresh and interesting" experiences.

• Assume the difficulty level of the dungeons is high. They won't be easy to breeze through.

• Like Demon's Souls, the focus on is on the sense of accomplishment and achievement after clearing a dungeon.

• Increase the scale of sharing. Players will be able to share generated dungoens and the methods they used to complete them. You can narrow those down to specific communities or just a close group of friends.

• The Chalice Dungeon isn't tied into the main story; it's optional.



And points from the Q&A:


• Character customization will be about on level with Dark Souls II, but there will also be some unique features. As an action-RPG, it'll have everything "to be expected from an RPG."

• The team is working to keep the game running at the highest frame rate they can, and the final specifications will depend on what works best for the experience.

• There is PvP in the game.

• There might be something along the lines of the fight in Dark Souls II where you took on the role of a boss and fought against another player.

• The concept of dying and Hollowing from Demon's/Dark Souls will exist in some form in Bloodborne as well.

• The dungeon you saw during the keynote was made for the presentation; the actual dungeons will be much larger and more complex.

• The boss characters are also part of the randomly generated element.

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The Chalice Dungeon is unique in that it’s the only one in Bloodborne out of ten-plus being created that will have randomly generated layouts and enemy placements, although it still supports multiplayer. In terms of its overall importance, Miyazaki clarified that beating it isn’t necessary for clearing the game’s storyline; rather, it’s designed to be harder side content for those that really want to dig into the game.


In terms of structure, the Chalice Dungeon is said to be organized into three strata, which extend out both laterally and vertically. This added emphasis on dimensionality, Miyazaki contended, means that players can encounter things like traps that make them fall back down to lower floors, wide open marshes, and branching paths, among other things, all of which are there to help stave off any potential sense of fatigue and repetition. Famitsu also noted an old flaming dog that appears to potentially be a boss character, as well as a series of seals strewn throughout the dungeon that require performing a special ceremony to lift and the recently revealed transforming cane.


What makes the Chalice Dungeon especially unique, though, is that the randomization happens across different players’ games, rather than every instance when the game is booted up, as is normally the case with more overtly roguelike games. Effectively, within an individual player’s game, once the dungeon layout and enemy placement has been generated, it’ll stay fixed within that player’s game and can be visited repeatedly, even by other players. As Miyazaki argued, one of the objectives in making the Chalice Dungeon operate in this manner is to enhance the communal aspects of Bloodborne.


In practice, what this means is that not only can messages be shared among players inside the Dungeon and discuss it over social media, but they can form insular communities dedicated to tackling specific instances of it, discussing how rare treasures can be found in one or how hard another is, for instance. He also felt that it has interesting applications for things like the PlayStation 4’s Share Play functionality. During the Q&A session after the demo, he expressed personal excitement over the idea of having a dungeon in the game that won’t remain static, that will always inherently have some unknown variables for players to contend with long after the game’s release.

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I know I'm guilty of knocking the Souls games for being too hard and therefore "not fun." Nah, they are fun games, but my frustration never was converted in fist-pumping celebration, and it was hard for me to stick with them. (Not to mention, excluding the fine folks at Hondo's, the fan base is annoying as fuck. Silly reason not to like a game, but I hate people touting "Hur hur only real gamers play this")


So I got Bloodborne and I am beginning to see that magic you guys are so fond of. I think one reason I never fully embraced the Souls games was because of character creation. I never knew what stats I wanted and what kind of weapons I would be comfortable with. It was overwhelming. It feels like they narrowed this one a bit more. No shields help me make better decisions and therefore play better. That goes for choosing a class AND combat. Combat is nice and fast which is what I enjoy. Still requires alot of patience, but it feels much more satisfying to die by a mob of dudes then cleave through them when you figure them out instead of being killed by like the same 2 guys over and over. Leveling up is still a bit difficult, with what should I level or should I buy a new wep. Then again, that's probably a bad gripe and those decisions make the game feel more rich.


I dunno, I admit I'm out of my element when it comes to these games, and my feelings on the previous ones should really be taken with a grain of salt, since that's pretty much all I play of them. I spent hours on Demons AND Dark, but only ever scratched the surface. 2 Bosses down though, so I think I'll stick around til the end for Bloodborne.

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I wanted the collectors but I didn't pre-order. Ah well, dems the shakes.


Bloodborne really does feel like a positive iteration on the souls franchise, balancing making it more player friendly (streamlining stats for one) while maintaining the atmosphere and difficulty of Demon's Souls.


This is the sequel to Demon's you've been waiting for. The world feels lived in and connected together naturally.

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