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Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Series: Krysten Ritter, Alexandra Daddario, Teresa Palmer & Jessica De Gouw Testing For Lead


I hear Marvel is assembling a field of actresses invited to test for the lead of the company’s straight-to-series Jessica Jones drama for Netflix. I hear it includes Krysten Ritter, Alexandra Daddario, Teresa Palmer and Jessica De Gouw. All fall within the age range of 25-33 listed on the breakdowns for the role.


Spearheaded by Melissa Rosenberg, the 13-episode drama — the second in a four-series Netflix-Marvel deal — centers on Jessica Jones, a superhero suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, which leads to her hanging up her costume and opening her own detective agency, where she ends up helping people and assisting other superheroes.


I also heard two names mentioned as being in consideration for the male lead Luke Cage: Crisis‘ Lance Gross and The Good Wife and The Following‘s Mike Colter. Cage is designed to appear in 6-7 episodes of Jessica Jones and then topline his own series, the fourth in the Netflix-Marvel package that includes Daredevil, starring Charlie Cox, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. The characters from the four shows band together for a miniseries to close out the storylines.

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Krysten Ritter chosen to play JESSICA JONES for Marvel's Netflix series





Marvel is mum as usual, but I hear they have tapped Krysten Ritter for the lead in the company’s straight-to-series drama Jessica Image (3) . Ritter was one of five actresses for tested for the role. I hear it came down to her and Teresa Palmer, with both doing chemistry reads with The Following‘s Mike Colter, believed to be the choice for male lead Luke Cage.


Also looking like Mike Colter for Cage:





pretty pleased with this all around so far





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Keeping it broad in appeal, I reckon at least a two season courtship with spoilerfruitsoflabourspoilerdun probably being a season 3 opener or cliffhanger.


Also can we safely assume that DD castings of characters like the Night Nurse, Ben Urich, The Owl, etc will also spill over into these other series? What might even be a little interesting is the different relationships the titular characters have with the 'community pool' of street level characters- ie Owlsley might start out as a patron to Cage or Jones, Murdoch'd obviously know the score, and then you might expect to hear about the death of jack Murdoch on Alias and how that story is approached.


This is a really cool opportunity to give the marvel screen universe some real depth and illustrate how rich the tapestry can be without losing accessibility. That being said, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was an op to do the same and it just kinda shit the bed IMO.

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I really get the feeling that they are going for that overlap of series/characters/story arcs.


Oh and, I haven't posted in the Agents Of Shield thread since jumping back in, but amazingly they've actually managed to turn it around. I'm up to episode 15 of season 1 and I became astounded when I realised I was enjoying it, and this is from someone that described episode 1 as


Boring, stupid, overly sentimental crap.


Will watch cos' of links to MCU and no other reason, even Coulson annoyed the fuck out of me in this. I've rarely seen a character with power act so fucking idiotically and irresponsibly. I'm actually afraid my eyes will be permanently off centre due to the extent of my eye rolling during this unadulterated mess.


In conclusion: It. Was. Shit.

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Is Alain Moussi In The Running For Marvel's IRON FIST?




The martial artist is primarily known for his stunt work on the likes ofX-Men: DOFP and Pacific Rim, but he will next play the lead in the upcoming Kickboxer remake. Could he also be in the running to play Danny Rand in Netfix's Iron Fist series?




Alain Moussi posted the below image to his Facebook page. Now obviously there's every chance he's simply pulling a Tyrese Gibson and trying to drum up the support he needs to be in with a shot of playing Danny Rand in Marvel's Iron Fist series, but it is also possible he has had some discussions about it and is genuinely researching the character for that reason. Moussi is an actor and stuntman, who's worked on a great many movies and TV shows over the years. He will next star as Kurt Sloane in the reboot of Kickboxer, which will feature the original Sloane, Jean-Claude Van Damme, as his mentor.




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Marvel Announce Showrunner And 2016 Premiere For LUKE CAGE




Marvel has today announced who will serve as showrunner on Luke Cage, the highly anticipated series which it has now been confirmed will premiere in 2016 (as expected). He's someone with a lot of very interesting film and TV credits, so hit the jump to find out who it is we're talking about...


By Josh Wilding - 3/31/2015




Netflix & Marvel Television announced today that Cheo Hodari Coker will serve as executive producer and showrunner of the anticipated series, Marvel’s Luke Cage. Coker is writing the first two episodes of the series that will premiere in 2016, everywhere that Netflix is available.


Most recently, Coker served as a co-executive producer on the second season of Ray Donovan, and prior to that was a supervising producer on the critically-acclaimed, fourth season of the drama SouthLAnd. Coker was a part of the SouthLAnd team that earned the show a 2012 Peabody Award. Coker also garnered a 2013 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Writing for a Dramatic Series for his work on that show. Coker’s feature film credits include Fox Searchlight’s rap biopic Notorious. He authored the book Unbelievable: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of The Notorious B.I.G as well. Coker started his writing career in journalism and was a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times and contributed to VIBE, Rolling Stone, Essence, among other publications. He is a graduate of Stanford University.


It was previously announced that Mike Colter (The Good Wife, American Horror Story: Coven) will play the charismatic lead character, Luke Cage, in the series.


Marvel’s Luke Cage is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios for Netflix.


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RUMOR: Benedict Cumberbatch may appear as Doctor Strange in Iron Fist.




So here’s another from one of my similarly well connected sources, that it is planned that the character of Doctor Strange will make an appearance in Marvel’s Netflix shows.


Specifically Iron Fist.


Whether he will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch as he is in the upcoming movie scheduled for next year, or will be shown in a way that doesn’t need such a high profile actor to be on set, I don’t know. But odds are that the Cumberbatch will at least do the voice.


I may of course be putting the cart before the horse. Devin’s calling out of Bleeding Cool was based on an old script he’d read,not the finished film and equally, Iron Fist hasn’t been filmed yet. But, right now, it’s what I understand is being planned.


...shit, we might have a proper Defenders lineup after all

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El Mayimbe with some crazy rumours about Marvel's phase 2 of tv.


A Look Inside Marvel's 'Phase 2' Of Netflix Shows!


There’s no doubt that TV is in a weird place. Feature films have become king, and are only grudgingly cooperating with their counterparts on the small screen, leaving them mere scraps to work with. Instead of being in on the entire process, television programs are forced to adjust their series in order to keep up with the movies.

Some people have come to believe that the TV side of big superhero franchises’ are being pulled along for the ride. According to some of the latest chatter, they may have a point. Studio execs and writers have begun to feel as though the television side of the interconnected universe is more akin to an anchor than anything else. Their hugely successful cinematic universe and brand took years to build up. Rumor has it that
Kevin Feige over at Marvel
looks down on the TV side of the franchise, but has come to accept it as somewhat of a “necessary evil,” since Disney demands it. And with ABC insisting on getting their words in, it appears that there may be too many cooks in the kitchen for everyone’s tastes.

There are other non-Netflix series in development as well, which will only complicate things further on down the road. Titles like
Cloak and Dagger
Ms. Marvel
and a
prequel are all coming our way. Expect more fireworks behind the scenes soon.

One can see why the TV side feels like they have to fight for relevance. They are trying to bring secondary characters in from movies so that their shows feel connected to what is happening on the big screen. Meanwhile, the actors on TV would love to be part of the movie side, but so for the studio has all but ignored them.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
has been using the
recently, but that might change once the Inhumans movie scheduled for 2019 comes along. It’s a good bet the movie will ignore all or most of what the TV show has done.

The Netflix Wildcard

At this point, ABC is only involved with the Netflix side of the Marvel Universe to save face. It’s a vanity credit. Marvel and its skilled writing team have complete control. None of the silly network mandates are in place, leaving the writers to tell a smarter, grittier and more serialized story.

was much more popular than anybody expected. The show has soared, both with critics and viewers. Netflix is hesitant to release exact numbers, but rest assured, both Netflix and Marvel are quite satisfied with the results. Still, that hasn’t stopped a number people around the net from
attempting to break down the numbers.

The next Netflix series,
AKA Jessica Jones,
will feature a great deal of crossover with Daredevil, partly because more actors are cast. Daredevil was in production before anyone else was cast, which is why there were no other appearances.

Netflix Phase II

Marvel is planning a Phase II that will include Defenders, however this won’t take place until 2017. As of right now, the plan is for two or three Netflix series a year, which means that we won’t get Defenders until 2017.

season 2 is coming, but won’t air for a while. As for those Elektra rumors and the leaked audition tapes? They’re real. Elektra is coming.

The powers that be at Marvel have also been toying with the idea of adding characters like
Ghost Rider
, but there are risks with each of those characters. Not only are they darker and more violent, but two of them require supernatural elements in order to tell their stories. The inclusion of these characters could send Netflix over to the goofy side, which is something they’re very afraid of Ghost Rider would also rely on CGI too much for the studio’s taste.

It would also be difficult to incorporate the stories of these characters smoothly. Blade and Punisher are perceived to be rather one-note to carry a series on their own. The heavy level of violence is also perceived to be a risk. They want a “hard PG-13,” instead of an R. And since none of the Defenders actively kill, throwing Punisher into the mix could be a challenge.

It’s far more likely that we’ll see a cameo and backdoor pilot. If it were to go well,
like DC did with Firestorm on The Flash this year
, it could lead to a new series.

The powers that be in Marvel’s TV universe, on the Netflix side anyways, are working hard to get film actors to cameo. Right now, they are pulling hard for
Dr. Strange
to appear in the
series. However, that’s an item on the wish list that may never come to fruition. It’s far more likely we’ll see a supporting character come over to bridge things.

The final pipe dream we’re mentioning today is a limited Netflix movie or mini-series that would feature characters like Hawkeye or Black Widow. This could feature both TV and movie characters, effectively serving as a bridge between two worlds. Because so many planets would need to align, this is also very unlikely.

When you get right down to it, the TV side of the equation has much more to lose. Because of that, they’re trying to stay relevant. No one wants to look like they’re playing second fiddle, which is hard enough when you’re going up against massive blockbusters like
The Avengers.

Finally, it’s a given that Jeph Loeb will not be calling the shots forever. Right now, there are plans to find a successor for when he does retire, which will probably be within the next few years.

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He's got a point about those three characters possibly not being able to sustain an entire series separately on their own. What about an anthology series with Ghost Rider, Blade, and Punisher called Marvel Knights? Each character gets 15 minutes of an episode or maybe four episodes each and their stories all sync together in the finale. Kind of like the old Marvel Comcs Presents series.

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