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^^Oh, July 2018 me, how wrong you were.

So I just finished S4 yesterday and it was . . . disappointing.


S4 & Breaking Bad S1-5 spoilers...

I see what they were going for in Jimmy's transition to Saul, but I just don't feel like they pulled it off in a totally plausible way. So Jimmy is so bitter that his future as a lawyer hinges solely on Chuck that he completely loses any legit emotional connection to him and thus loses Kim? Okay.

😕 I don't know. It was an okay payoff but the journey there was not a good one.  

Also, the whole Mike & Werner storyline was painfully obvious in its direction. I dug the logistics of constructing that infamous lab though. The Salamanca storyline also dragged out with way too little progress. I like the Lalo element, but I feel like he came in too late in the season. I guess they're gonna drag him out as a nemesis for S5 for Gus, which seems like it'll be the final one for the series.

I'm not a big fan of how the showrunners are keeping fans in the dark so long with where the show will go in terms of meeting up with and/or overlapping Breaking Bad. Personally, I hope S5 of BCS would jump ahead to Saul setting up that iconic office in episode one, have a few great BB era episodes, and then end with a two part episode of him post-BB. BCS S5 for Mike and Gus is all pretty laid out plot-wise: they deal with Lalo, finish the lab, set up shop with Gail. However, I hope we get more backstory and character development for them both in S5. I feel like Mike had some good episodes early on in S4, but not much character development once the lab began. Gus was sadly one-note throughout S4--all consumed with a particular vengeance.

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I dug season 4 but agree with your complaints re pacing @haku.


There's already a very tangible connection between the two shows and and it's Nacho. I went back and rewatched BB a while ago and refer you to one of the first conversations the fellas have with one Saul Goodman Esq. 

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