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Dear good people of Hondos,


Posting recently in the "Favorite Song By" thread, I got to thinking about a couple things in terms of Hondos and music. The first is that I have a problem with making Spotify playlists. Seriously, I have a bunch of them, and I was wondering if any of you do too. If so, i'd love for you to post the links to them below so we can check them out. It's pretty cool that we all have varied musical interests and personally I am always looking for new music to listen to, especially if its outside of one of the genres that I don't normally jam out to. So if you have Spotify, post the shit out of those playlists you might have made so we can check out what you listen to.


But on to the main topic here, and that is the Hondos Bar Jukebox playlist!


What is the Hondos Jukebox?


Well, the title of the fucking place we all waste our free time in is called Hondos Bar. If you've ever spent any time at all in a shitty little bar and tried to use the jukebox, you know there is only one rule to it: You will have to put up with others shitty music before you get to listen to your shitty music So! With that idea in mind, I have created the Hondos Bar Jukebox on Spotify


But Bindy, WHY would you do this?


First and foremost, because I can and I always need a new project of some kind. Think of it as a way to get to know one another through music, and also if we ever have any actual gatherings, we can use this as a default playlist to toss on while we are all drinking and making fun of one another where at least everyone can hear one freaking song they like.


Ok, I'm sold, how do I contribute?


I'm so glad you asked that, question in the text bubble above my head. We don't just let anyone put their musical selections on the list, because that's what losers would do. To be a contributor to the playlist you must be a part of the club.


No, but seriously, how do I contribute?


God dammit text bubble, calm your tits (do text bubbles have tits? we should revisit this subject in the philosophy forum, I think). To be a part of the club that contributes, all you need to do is subscribe to said playlist! See, it's not that hard!


Ok, but where the fuck is the playlist.


If you would stop sassing me, and shut the fuck up, I would tell you! If you head over to the HTML version of our lovely little playlist here: Hondos Bar Jukebox you can SUBSCRIBE to said playlist there!


Yeah but where the fuck do I tell you what to add to the playlist once I've done that?


Listen here you insolent little shit, I've had about enough of your endless questions. What the hell do you think this forum thread is for? It's certainly not for Linda Lovelace clown car porn. (I know, I've checked ALL the threads). Anyway, like I was trying to say. Once you have subscribed, just post what songs you would like to have added to the Hondos Jukebox and once I have verified your human identity and licked your firstborn (if you don't have one we can come to an arrangement) I will happily add your songs to the playlist for everyone to insult and enjoy!


Seriously, that was a lot of words. Can you explain it all a bit easier?


You god damn piece of shit. You were one of those kids who got a trophy for just showing up didn't you? Fine. Here's the TL:DR version.



Hondos Jukebox on Spotify is a thing you can find here - https://play.spotify...utm_medium=open

Subscribe to the playlist

Submit the songs you want on there in this thread

Masturbate while crying over all the mistakes you made growing up


(the final part may or may not be optional, it's up to you)


That's pretty cool of you physical Bindy, but you need to lead by example the way Scott Summers would do in a Jean Grey gangbang. Give us an example of the posts we have to make because we can't think for ourselves!


Fine you little shit, I'll give you an example because obviously my amazing instructions are not good enough for you. Would you like me to hold your cock while you pee too? You know what, don't answer that. Here we go!!!





Hey guys, I just subscribed to the Hondos playlist on Spotify. Other me said it was a good idea, and to be honest I did not believe him at first because he once told me to stick my cock in a bean burrito that had just come out of the microwave while we were drunk and the next day I had no idea why my cock burned and smelled like a Mexican hideaway. But all things considered I thought I would give this a shot so here are the playlists I have on Spotify currently for you guys to check out!


My general rock/metal playlist is here; Rock out time


My playlist of the most important video game tracks on Spotify can be found here: Video Games 101


If you dig Ambient music or want to try it out, check this out! Ambient 101


If you want funny songs or songs by comedians, check out To Laugh


If you want to check out Bluegrass covers of popular songs go to: What is this? I can't even.


Maybe Chiptune music is something you want to try out! If so, head here: Chiptune Dance Party


If you want to know what I sleep to, look at: Le Sleeps


If you want a playlist based on shitty 90s "alternative" I listened to growing up, go here: Something, something, playlist


Maybe you want something sappy to fuck your girlfriend doggy-style to while you think about her sister! You can find that here: The Softer Side


Also in the 90s, techno was a thing so maybe you might like: ...and then the club was jumpin'


If depression sucks and you want some feel good music, go here: Feels Good, Man


And last but not least, here's shit I've "liked" while I listen to Spotify: Liked from Radio



Now that I have successfully contributed the playlists I have currently on top of SUBSCRIBING to the Hondos Bar Jukebox , I want you to acknowledge that I am a true Hondoian. Don't listen to the text bubble guy, he's an ass and always eats all the queso before anyone else gets a shot at it. I would very much like you to add "Come and get your love" by Redbone to the Hondos Bar Jukebox , because I loved Guardians of the Galaxy and I want to subject everyone to the soundtrack while they beat off thinking about their broken childhoods and lost dreams. Also, it might remind some people of that time their uncle tried to touch their bathing suit area during Thanksgiving dinner!


You can submit as many songs as you like once you have subscribed. I will do the best I can to spread out artist repeats (because who needs to listen to 30 Eminem songs back to back) and I look forward to all of your inputs on this playlist!


p.s: Fuck the text bubble guy, he's a bit of a dick. Sorry about that.

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Hang on to your bloomers, Betty. I'm gonna thropw a whole bunch of shit at you.


Bang, Bang - Nancy Sinatra

18th Floor Balcony - Blue October

Afternoon Delight

Alive - Pearl Jam

Better Man - Pearl Jam

Daughter - Pearl Jam

Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam

Possum Kingdom - Toadies

Tyler - Toadies

Creep - Radiohead

Good - Better than Ezra

Mirror - Lil' Wayne

Bad Girls - M.I.A.

Baby on Fire - Die Antwoord

Black Skinhead - Kanye

Extraterrestrial - Katy Perry

Dark Horse - Katy Perry

1234 - Feist

She's so Heavy - Beatles

Doin' Time - Sublime

The Real Thing - Faith No More

Regulate - Warren G

Book of Secrets, the whole album - Loreena McKennitt

Bad Moon Rising - CCR

Green River - CCR

Down o the Corner - CCR

Lookin' out my Back Door - CCR

King without a Crown - Matisyahu

Still Remains - STone Temple Pilots

Black Betty - Ram Jam

Christian Woman - Type O Negative

Wildflowers - Tom Petty

Don't come Around Here no More - Tom Petty

Down Home Girl - Old Crow Medicine Show

A Boy named Sue - Johnny Cash

Amarillo - George Strait

Neam Moon - Brooks and Dunn

Burnin SKy - Bad Comapny

Carry on Wayward Son, Kansas

Closer - NIN

Lady - Styx

Crash Into Me - Dave Mathews

The current - Blue Man Group

Danger! High Voltage - Electric Six

Desert Rose - Sting

Fields of Gold - Stineg

I alone - Live

Run to the Water - Live

Dolphin's Gry - Live

I Feel Love - Blue Man Group

By Your Side - Sade

Somebody Already Broke my Heart - Sade

Lover's Rock - Sade

99 Problems - Jay Z

White Lines - Grandmaster Flash

Sabotage - Beastie Boys

Killing Me Softly - Fugees

California Love

Doo Wop - Lauryn Hill

Come to my Window - Melissa Ethridge

Crossroads - Bone Thugs

Work It - Missy Elliott

Sober - Tool

Ms. Jackson - Outkast

My ain True Love - Allison Krauss

Baby Got Back

Southern Girl - Erykah Badu



That's all I can think of for now. Have fun.

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