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Toy Story 4


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Got rich and quit tryin'


I read somewhere that Toy Story 4 will be a Woody/Bo Peep love story which is good because that bugged the fuck out of me in Toy Story 3 that Peep was gone. (Also that RC was gone. I bet he got sold because fucking Buzz and Woody lost his remote in the first one.)

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Right on. Incredibles 2. The first one was an excellent movie. 2004! 11 years ago! Visuals still hold up.


"Behold, the Underminer! I was always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me!"




Toy Story 4? That Halloween Special, Partysaurus Rex and those others shorts were pretty good. They could keep that series going for a while. New toys, old toys...new owners. They could keep it going.

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Yeah. Maybe the Toy Story franchise should just stick with the shorts format. Little mini-adventures. Another feature really isn't screaming to be made.


Incredibles, though - man, the stuff they could do with that universe. An Incredibles Trilogy is inevitable in this superhero renaissance we're in. I watched it last night - it's a great movie, but it's an origin tale for the Incredible family. I'd love to see the age of supers in full swing!

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I mean, them being part of a shared universe like the live action stuff. Can you imagine Hiro eventually making suits for Moon Boy AND Devil Dinosaur?! biggrin.png


Also, I don't see why the Incredibles couldn't exist in this shared universe too.


Well for one, I think Disney and Pixar's computer animated stuff should be entirely seperate. For two, I think combining Incredibles and Big Hero 6 would just dilute the specialness of both.


And Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy exist in the prehistoric age (usually) so there'd have to be time travel, but I could see them hopping into the Big Hero 6 world without losing too much from either property.

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I'm pretty sure that Marvel owns the rights to The Savage Land. I suppose that could be incorporated but then there's the whole thing with Big Hero 6 taking place in an alternate universe where Japan and the US have joined together (at least) and Marvel may not love the idea of introducing one of their universal staples in an alternate universe animated film. It'd be more likely that they'd just have Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur exist in the distant past like they did in the original Kirby comics.

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Tom Hanks: The ending of Toy Story 4 was so intense he didn't want to face the cast as he recorded


Speaking on Chris Evans' (the English radio DJ, not Cap) Breakfast Show, Hanks recalled the final day of recording, which also happened to be the end of the movie.

"It was the first time that we were going to be recording the end of the movie, and Toy Story [4] is going to have an impactful ending," he said.

"The way you record Toy Story, you're in a room with the team that has created it. When I went in for my last day of recording, I wanted to have my back to them, because usually, you're facing him so he can look right up and you can talk about it.

"But I didn't want to see them and pretend they couldn't see me.”


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