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Mad Max: Fury Road


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Nearly every big set piece in the film is done in-camera; CG is used either sparingly or for enhancement, the way it’s supposed to be. Out of 120 shooting days, every one of them involved one big stunt, according to Miller. It’s as if the 70-year-old director braved the demanding production to show the Michael Bays of the world what a real action movie is supposed to be.




That score's bound to change, but still.

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I don't think you have to. I'm going to catch a late show tomorrow myself and I can't freaking wait.


Taken from a review I found online:


1. I quit smoking more than four years ago, but nothing—not a night full of drinks, not a table full of smokers, not a gasoline IV—has made me want a cigarette more than Mad Max: Fury Road did. You leave the theater still shaking, everything still pumping and throbbing, a treadmill stopping on a dime and sending you careening through the back wall. The movie roars to life, commences a dead sprint into hell, and never stops.


Yeah, I'm glad we're gonna catch this at a midnight show at the Alamo. Booze will flow.

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I've never seen a Mad Max film. Do I have to watch all of the others before watching this? I intend to watch Mad Max tonight anyway, but should I try and cram in the others before seeing this tomorrow?


Every entry in the series is a stand-alone film with a loose continuity.

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Fantastic. I want to see a Furiosa spinoff now.


Fun fact: the main villain in this is played by the same actor that played the main villain in the first movie.


Favorite character easily was this guy:





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What a great fucking film. And I am not even putting qualifiers on it like it's a great "action" film or "3D" film or "popcorn" film. It is just a great film.mand it is Charlize Theron's film really. Hardy is just there for the title. I want a Furiosa origin film so hard.


This was better than Age of Ultron. Not that it's a competition or anything, but, yeah, it was a better film and film going experience all around. Marvel should give George Miller Ghost Rider or Punisher now. Just do it, Fiege.


•ASC - like Baytor wrote, they're all stand alone films. I saw it with five other people, three of whom had never seen a Mad Max film (which I find disturbing) and we all loved this.


•Axels - Yes, that guy was the fucking best. And he had the best 3D treatment as well.


•Baytor - So this is pretty much a direct sequel to Mad Max, right? My friend that actually saw the other films and I were having this discussion. He said it could've technically have happened after Road Warrior, but I think Fury Road clearly sets up the infamous shotgun here in Road Warrior, which is but one example of where FR would fit in the continuity of the Mad Max universe.

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I want a Furiosa origin film so hard.



Oh I think we'll get it



Miller and McCarthy found during the writing process for Fury Road that they had enough story material for two additional scripts. One of these, entitled Mad Max: Furiosa, has already been completed, and Miller hopes to film it after the release of Fury Road.[74] In March 2015, during an interview with Esquire magazine, Hardy revealed that he was attached to star in four more Mad Max films following Fury Road.[75] In May 2015, Miller told Wired magazine, "Should [Mad Max: Fury Road] be successful, I've got two other stories to tell."
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That is great news about the Furiosa script, Axels. I hope the fact Fury Road didn't hit #1 at the box office doesn't deter those completed sequel scripts from happening. Normally I'd argue word of mouth should kick this film in to the top spot in its second week, but San Andreas comes out next week, so the competition for theater dollars is ever increasing. People have mentioned Dredd in here already and we know how poorly the box office reflected the quality of the film, which led to any sequels being effectively killed.


And that's how you correctly use CGI.

Computer Retouching

“We didn’t do any CG pole cats,” says visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson, who notes his team mainly removed tire tracks from the background and erased safety harnesses and rigging.

Hmm. I'm not really caring either way about what's practical vs what's CGI, it looked great and that's all that matters. However, those bodies flying off the exploding cars and overturned rigs--those had to be CGI. And the Wired article I got the quote from is pretty great. Y'all should give it a read if you haven't already.

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2 amazing parodies






Y'know I was waiting the whole movie for Requiem (that song in the trailer from Battle Royale) to play and it never happened. That's my biggest disappointment with the movie.

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Oh my lawd, this movie gave me more energy than a kid up past midnight with a bottle of Fanta.


I loved this movie so hard and I'm so damned sad that there isn't already a model or toy line to go with it because I would throw bulk cash at it unreservedly.


My favourite things were set & vehicle design, stunts and the very broad characterisation and story flow.


What set this apart IMO was the bittersweet twist

with the Land of Green being destroyed

. That Furiosa moment took this movie from broadly entertaining to legitimately engaging.


PS-Re; all the shit Hardy's copping for his awful Aussie accent, he's more capable than most of you septics but to my ear he spent too much time listening to Mel Gibson.

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