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--Good movie Basically one long chase scene which got wearing at times, but that's repetitiveness is the only real fault. Everything happened for a reason. I've heard people complain that the special effects looked fakey, but they had a kind of dream like effect which worked for that movie. Felt anime-like at times, especially the early scenes with the green mountains.


--J mentioned the vehicle design and yes, they really did stand out and seem cool.


--The most legitimate 'feminist propaganda' gripe I've heard was that they're no female villains, and only men are shown being evil. But that's dismissed with a little bit of thought. Women in non-industrial societies aren't warriors. Furiosa is an abberration in the social order and she gets a pass because she's a glorified driver with access to firearms, not a foot soldier. I thought it was a very realistic portrayal to have the women subjugated as breeders. (Not just the 5 wives, but also the breastfeeders)


--The scene where Furiosa takes the shot off Max's shoulder doesn't work for me because I don't buy that it made the gun any steadier. I'm no gun expert, but I've taken shots using rests that had just a little bit of give and they suck. The reloading/shooting cooperation scenes worked better. And the collecting all the guns scene was funny as hell.


--Nicholas Hoult's warboy character was a lot more enjoyable and engaging than I expected from the trailer.


--When I saw the guys swinging on tall poles and the giant guitar setup etc in the trailer's combat scenes, I thought, 'this movie is gonna be crap'. But the swinging poles actually made sense as a combat element. And the guitar was absurd, but the movie had a theme about the madness of the apocalypse that made that seem right. It fit in with the Valhalla religion and the silver suicide drug and people wanting to die historical etc.

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