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I'm new to this, so correct me if I'm wrong.


Looks like there are 2 forms of digital copies:


One is a Ultra Violet Cloud code on a slip of paper.


The other is a physical disc labeled Digital Copy, that you hafta put in a PC - that transfers only to personal devices or iTunes.


LOTR Extended Trilogy's digital copy is the movie disc itself - I gotta put the disc in a PC and a standard def version will be transferred to iTunes.


iTunes and Vudu are separate entities.


Vudu is a Walmart thing that is seemingly becoming the industry standard. So much so, that Disney has recently linked their digital copy service with Walmart's.


Prometheus on blu came with both, a slip of paper w/ a UV Cloud code and a physical disc that 'works w/ iTunes'. They both share the same code. It expired Oct 2014 - but the code still worked. BAM - Prometheus, added.

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Yeah, I think I'd have to create a Disney Anywhere account and register the movies there. Then I link the Disney account w/ Hondo's Vudu account.


Seeing as there are already Disney flicks registered, I figured there must already be a Disney account created - and linked to Hondo's. I could just register the Disney movies directly on that account.

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Just added Battle of Five Armies: Extended Edition. The grand finale to Jackson's Hobbit Trilogy - such as it is.


Aaand while I was there, also added:


Ghostbusters 1 n' 2

Resident Evil Damnation (CG)

Batman Assault on Arkham

Man of Steel - Panch's most favoritest superhero film of all-time. LOL! J/k - the beginning of DC's cinematic universe. Why not?



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Dang, I forgot about this thread. Thanks for keeping it going, axels! I still need to see DoFP: Rogue Cut. I've got a stack of BR I need to get around to adding to this, too.


Do you know if Pete's Dragon has access to the special features from the BR?

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