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Baby's first pull list


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Good morning, afternoon, evening or whatever fraction of time and space you may find yourself existing in - in this moment.


As you guys know, I've been reading comics for the better part of my life, only really taking breaks when I got burned out or just burned in general by the titles I obsessed over. (I'm looking at you Civil War and One More Day - sadly I'm like an abused spouse that always comes back to the "X" titles). With so many great comic shops here in Austin I have decided I want to make my first pull list at one of the local comic places and I am looking for recommendations on what I should be reading. Currently, this is what I've got:



Everything Secret Wars (just waiting to get burned again, I know it)

Gotham by Midnight

Superior Iron Man

Last issue of Fantastic Four?


I am considering Moon Knight, I just need to play catch up. I thought Spider-man might be worth picking up but I don't know if I can just jump in or in particular, which spider-man title I should be reading. Also Is it time to catch up on Walking Dead? Last I read of it

Glen Died

and I am looking for other things I haven't thought of (Masters of the Universe? Any strange indy titles? Maybe something in the new 52 that's actually worth my time?)


Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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