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Ok so in order to get the full ending you have to beat the game 100%. I don't have time for that. So I watched it on youtube and wanted to share my thoughts. MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW



So the main story of the game is pretty damn great, which I did beat. The strongest points were the conflict with Scarecrow. The game turned him into a very scary villain and the voice acting amplified that. And, yes The Joker shows up (voiced by Mark Hammill again!), although he appears as a manifestation of Batman's fear after getting sprayed with the gas. It's a great way to utilize Joker, and it's got some of the most interesting and fun things to happen with the character in a long time. It's kind of far fetched, and suspension of disbelief is required, but I loved it. Especially the finale.


One of the weakest story points was with the Arkham Knight himself. The game makers said he was an original character created for the game. The Arkham Knight's name is original. The character is not. He turns out to be Jason Todd/Red Hood using that old story as inspiration. It's a cheap twist that could have been handled alot better and literally has no resolution other than Todd showing up to save you later because he gets his conscience back randomly.


As for the 100% completion ending it was kind of a letdown, and doesn't seem worth the effort, so I'm glad I just watched that.



All in all I'd rank this on par with Arkham City. The Batmobile isn't nearly as shitty as reviewers make it out to be, and the story has a lot more good than bad in it.

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