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Justice League: Gods and Monsters

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In an alternate universe, the Justice League is a brutal force that maintains order on Earth. Superman is the son of General Zod, who was rocketed to Earth as a child and raised by a family of Mexican immigrants. Batman is Kirk Langstrom, a scientist who has inadvertently transformed himself into a vampire in an attempt to cure his cancer, feeding on criminals to satisfy his hunger. Wonder Woman is Bekka, who was the bride of the New God Orion.[2][3] However, the Justice League's unaccountability is challenged by the world's governments following the suspicious deaths of renowned scientists.[4]
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Langstrom Batman origin is a great freaking origin. Enjoyed the movie immensely, a little dissatisfied with the bow on the ending based on the ride, but I suppose Timm had no guarantees we'd ever visit again.

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^yeah, i echo that last line there as well.


i dug it as a sort've DC elseworlds, just wish we'd see more from the books like that...it's weird to me that we're getting stuff like Killing Joke but no Superman: Red Son yet.

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