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The End of Subforums


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What's the story with forum skins? Are all the ones up free ones? And if we did custom ones would that cost extra to put those up? I think a few forums, mainly Video Games, are due for reskins. I think there should be something more neutral, and some might look kind of alienating I guess? I just use games as an example because I can see how maybe if a new member comes in and might think "boy they really like Minecraft." Something more all inclusive might be more pleasing with a first impression.



I'm kinda neutral on the powder room thing, but if it got dissolved anywhere C&S is a logical choice.

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i hear you, but by the #'s? there's not many games that are more inclusive than Minecraft. it's the Harry Potter of video games, if you wil

the only more neutral thing i can imagine that'd work here would be some generic Mario skin like we had a revision or two ago



and part of my hesitation to upgrade is that most of those skins (which were mainly free) are now paid, and i don't wanna have to do a fundraiser/etc for skins & mods that we're all used to, unless said upgrade really brought something needed to the board.

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right, then; Power Room's gone. like Fight Club, it had its place a deace or so back, but didn't at all fit where the forum oughta be in 2015.


i'd like to unclutter the place of other subforums, where possible...honestly, Hondo's Inc exists as an archive of an old April Fool's joke, kinda wanna do that with the Ask & Lyricist Lounge ones as well, just make them a bit less visible so newbies don't get bogged down with too many corners. I just made an Archives section to toss them into, they can still be found.


The Gathering probably still has its place, Grill likewise - as for History, i know ASC & co fought for that one, but..would it be okay with you guys if i just merged it with Politics & added History to the forum & title? like "Current Events & History"?


HonDOS and Action Figures make sense to me; Sanctuary....likewise feels dated, but im not sure about tossing all the religious stuff into my precious Philosophy corner just yet either, but i'm really thinking it could happen. what do you guys think?


and no, not gonna delete Pimp Hand...this time

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Powder Room going into Culture and (depending on the thread) maybe Current Events makes sense.


And I have no issue with combining Current Events and History, all I was really fighting for was a place to post about History. I actually feel kind of stupid for not thinking of this before.


The Gathering should be combined with Town Square, I never understood why we needed separate forums for meetup threads and photos of us.


Pimp Hand should just be a comedy forum, that includes stand up, memes, viral videos and blargh.

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yeah, you're kinda right - Gathering stuff does work in Town Square, i think i'll just pin a few of its better topics. consider the rest of it done.


Does Pimp Hand's description give that off, should i make it more comedy centered? ive currently got all our stand-up comedian threads in culture, maybe they'd make more sense there?

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..okay, the Great Subforum Genocide of '15 is basically done. here's what's left:


- The Grill: I still don't think that it'd make sense as its own forum, but we clearly need a place to talk about food, and being under Culture works.


- Action Figures: I like how popular this one's been, and we needed a hobby corner anyway. Maybe comics will eat this one someday though, that forum could always cover both. nah, talked to Panch & decided to just expand Comics forum to include hobbies/toys, i think it works this way!


- Hon(DOS) - honestly, as a tech subforum, i'm thinking of just dumping this into Science & expanding that one's title a bit - done, Science is now Science & Tech, having a hard time renaming the forum at the moment but ill sort that later. PC gaming stuff is in Video Games, natch.


that's it; did away with & consolidated the rest. if anyone's wondering why, it's partly because i'd wanted to make things easier for newbies (and if i'm being honest, easier for skins/upgrades/mods etc on my end), but a big part of it was that some corners didn't really jive with where i want this place to be now.


a decade ago, a few great female members wanted a corner to chat on "girly stuff", but LL (and Jax) objected, saying it was a form of segregating. i didn't think much of it then, but when showing the board to a female member recently, it stood out like a sore thumb...likewise, the idea of a corner just for religious/etc people, on some level, implied to me that they weren't welcome elsewhere. Much like Fight Club became years ago - served a function for a long time, but its continued existence seemed to say this community still wanted a place for drama, when Crap Shack handles that just fine, honestly.


I know some of these places weren't really active these days, but all the same, hope i didn't step on too many toes - again, none of the threads/posts are lost, and since the search is historically bad, i'll be happy to find any of em you guys find missing.

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Now to change Video Games' name back to Nintendorks




also, i should prolly splinter this thread now, but a quick guide:


Sanctuary > mostly Philosophy

The Gathering > Town Square (i'll pin community related stuff there to make it more central)

Powder Room > mostly Culture

Hon(DOS) > PC gaming in Video Games, all the rest in Science & Tech

History > Current Events & History

Men of Action (Figures) > Fantastic Forum

Grill > check down below onna main page


the rest is in the Archives, in Crap Shack

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