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I've seen an episode years ago - not my cup of tea. Yet, I love Seinfeld. Something about seeing Larry David act, just seems so unnatural to me. I like him - he's brilliant, but when I see him act...it's just...bad. Something jarring about seeing him in front of a camera, acting.


I have every Seinfeld season on DVD. I have that shit playing in the background just for ambience sometimes while I work! I'll marathon seasons - just have it playing all day! Seen every featurette, documentary, interview - every episode w/ trivia track...a thousand times. I love that show.


There's something about the tongue-in-cheek nature about the show, that I like. I don't want to go so far as to call it classy, but it skates the edge so brilliantly. In 'The Contest' episode - where they all try to refrain from masterbating...I don't need a cut-away to Jerry furiously beating off when he finally cracks. Curb is the kinda show that goes there.


A couple of months ago, I saw the season where the Seinfeld cast reunited. Still...m'eh. The show has elements of Seinfeld, like - you can tell the DNA is in there, but it's laced w/ f-bombs and shock-moments that're supposed to be funny? It seems like it's trying to be offensive. It feels like a spiritual-sequel to Seinfeld, but without rules or boundaries and it's creator was frustrated or bitter about something.


It wasn't horrible, I could watch more - but...

Seinfeld > Curb



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I've only seen the Seinfeld reunion season of Curb - if I watch more, I'll hafta watch it from the beginning.


God, but then I see Larry David in this...


I'm so used to the 'I'm not an actor, I have no interest in it / fuck celebrity and the limelight' Larry David of the Seinfeld years. There something so...'off' when I see him act. I just cringe! Again, he's brilliant. It's so strange seeing him embrace the limelight and act. Something...'off' about that. Rubs me wrong for some strange reason.

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I can't believe we never had a thread for this show back in the day. I love this show! I've got HBO GO and they recently put together a top 12 list of "must watch" episodes of Curb and I've been re-watching those. Classic stuff. Sometimes the improv can get a bit obvious apparent, but overall it's one of my favorite comedies. Larry David needs to get back to Curb and put out a season 8 already.


Oh, and I just remembered, one of the more memorable seasons of Curb actually came true in a way. Larry David co-wrote a play and starred on Broadway for a few months this year. Then Jason Alexander took over the role. So meta.


When it was announced that Jason Alexander would take over the lead in “Fish in the Dark” from Larry David, David told the cast, “You finally have the chance to work with a real actor!”


“Fish in the Dark,” which David also wrote, has turned out to be one of the most lucrative nonmusical plays in Broadway history. It started previews in February with an advance sale of nearly $15 million. Theatergoers paid $300 or more for tickets. And when it closes Aug. 1, it is likely to have grossed an astonishing $28 million.



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Curb is my favorite comedy show of all time. The first two seasons aren't great though. It doesn't become awesome until about season 3. The first episode that really did it for me was when Larry is pretending to be a WASP Republican so that he can become a member of an exclusive white country club. The part in the episode where he picks up that prostitute so that he can drive in the carpool lane is golden.

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